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Author Topic: Sheng long or tantalising Tina ?  (Read 1021 times)

Offline Addicted65


If any of you guys have seen both of the above ladies which one would you say offers the best massage with HE?

I know both are highly rated but can only get to see one this week, so if you have been lucky enough to experience both please let me know



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Offline Mr blue

Sheng is miles and miles better it's not even a contest , Tina's massage was laughable when I went hence I've not returned since .
On the other hand if you want a lady in lingerie to wank you off to see Tina

Offline alfie2013

Wouldn't go as far as Mr Blue but Sheng Long much better in a league of her own in this area imho. Tina's massage was OK and her HE was good and friendly enough woman.

Offline Bertstanley

I certainly agree with mr . Blue . Although some may not care , as is their choice , be aware that Tina is no spring chicken and looks it . Canny wank though ....
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Offline Moresomes

Havn`t seen Sheng so can`t compare them. As others have said, Tina has a good few miles on the clock, but does kissing and lets you play with her funbags. Also provides a good oily ham shank.

Sheng gave the best massage I've ever had and the he is out of this world. I'd love to see Tina just for the experience but I fall under her age limit  :(

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