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Author Topic: Dirty Stella: thoughts?  (Read 757 times)


Can't decide if
a) Fun times
b) Bloke
c) Fuck up

Any input welcome.

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Offline hendrix

I'm pretty sure that one the feedbacks is from a male sp/pimp ("the_landlord") - not that that necessarily means he/she/whatever won't be any good, but just in case anyone thinks the fb is totally genuine.

Offline andyrou

I'm no Sherlock BUT there is definitely something not quite right, although you wouldn't think a post op TS would have some many photos of the cats face on display. The other thing i'm not sure about is whether a P/O TS can squirt? Or does it just piss and scream at the same time? The hands and feet don't look too big either. Two things concerning, first how well she takes deep seated anal according to a FR and secondly she has BB photos in her PG, could be her BF I suppose just wouldn't expect to display them normally.

Fucking weird really coz I'm feeling strangely drawn to her/him, must be the allure of the unknown and if I were nearer Essex I think I would TOFTT and report back, go on OFJ go for it!

Now that's annoying. Earlier on her location was Finsbury Park-ish and her borough still says Haringey but I'm fucked (or rather I'm not) if I'm going to essex for a deep voice and a bone crushing handshake (We all greet our prossies with a handshake right?). I'll send a message re location and see what comes back. Maybe she can be my next gut wrenching Friday afternoon 15minutes of desperation punt.

Offline dirtyStella

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