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Author Topic: Swindon / Lyneham Susanna Smith  (Read 515 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/178109 or https://www.adultwork.com/Susanna+Smith

This is actually from about March but as a new cummer on here I thought I would add my most recent punts that are still on AW. Hope that is OK?
The Area / her place

Initial contact was good, plenty of comms both ways - profile only shows a decent pair of jugs but if you email her she does send you a couple of other pics, a face close up, and a couple more of her tits.  Booked for next day
Drive out to Lyneham near the air base and called for the final part of the address. Was asked to take a long a bag to make it look as if I was delivering something and not to park too close.  Plenty of on street parking areas so that wasn't a problem.

The Girl

Door opened and closed very quickly with her hidden behind it.  The place was an utter tip, had to step over everything to to move.  The pic she sent was taken probably 10 or more years ago.  Would suggest she is late 40s and looking pretty worn, tired and passed her best.   Her profile says 33, well she has had a bloody hard life it that is right. She looks at this point to have big tits and everything else is in proportion but hard to tell as dark and worried I mioght break a leg on the messy floor.

The rest

Shuffled along to a side room which happened to be her working room / bedroom and said she would be 5 mins as she wasn't ready.  That was tidier, candles and clean bed.

A good 5 mins or so passed and she comes in in her negligee.
Peck on the cheek , no french kissing which I normally love but she really wasn't turning me on so didn't persue that.  She got totally naked and so did I. Lay on the bed and she gave the old chap a bit of a tug and play with to start showing signs of an erection and then out come a load of toys. I can now see these are not just big tits, She has huge tits, so if that is your thing she might be for you.  They were dangling all over the shop and lobbed in my face a few times. Sorry I am more of an ass and legs type person so that didn't do a thing for me either.

 I was considering leaving as I was struggling to get turned on  but didn't feel right as we had already got this far. Had I got my time again i would have said sorry but no thanks when I saw her in the bedroom first time. Didn't get a proper look when 1st through the door. Maybe the fact you have to negotiate the crap all over the floor without breaking your leg was the tactic and you don't notice her??

She lies on the bed then starts playing with herself with the toys, after about 5 minutes she says can I lick her clit whilst she plays. I am thinking that pussy doesn't look the most tasty. I give it a bit of a lick and she makes the right nosies and the toy moves quicker inside her,   but  I am getting a bit fed up by now as I come in for the OWO and sex and she is getting all the fun and pretty much taking no notice of me.  I ask her to give me a bit of attention as she said on her profile she mentions OWO, she slips on a rubber ,and I suggest getting down her throat a bit firsat without but she said that must be a mistake and will change it (Fair play, she has since changed it ) but bit late for me now as that was all I really fancied after seeing her.
Nice bit of fur neatly trimmed up over the pussy which normally I would be over the moon about, but just too much belly to really be able to see it and the extra flesh on her groin and thighs stops you getting deep into her.
Meanwhile she has carried on with the toys and enjoying herself and didn't really pay much attention to me, think she gets a few old codgers who enjoy it from the conversation we had after.
She was very friendly, don't get me wrong, not rude or time wasting but think she is a particular kind of punt that wasn't for me
Anyway, I Ended up having to give myself some attention to get hard (which I don't like doing with a condom on, just not the same) and then starting dangling my cock in her face to get a BJ and then slid it into her to try and finish but couldn't, so took the rubber off and wanked myself off over her tits. It had been a long time and I was desperate to unload and nearly drowned the pour girl but she rubbed it in which was a nice touch
£70 for half an hour,. think I could have done better in central Swindon
Given it a neutral as although she did nothing for me, she didn't really do anything that wrong either.  She was friendly and we had a nice chat after, she was very shy and worried about the neighbours and what they might say and ushered me out very quietly with my plastic bag in hand :)

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