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Author Topic: What's the weirdest thing that's happened during a punt?  (Read 7872 times)

Offline GraysonD

Had a punt last year where I arrive and  was asked how long I was going to be half hour says that's fine get undressed,she comes back In and straight to sucking my cock and continued the punt got ready afterwards and walked out and half way up the street notice a lump in my pocket and it's the cash for the punt 😂 I want to go back and visits her so don't keep it and walk back and give the payment and we are laughing and she ends up giving me another half an hour free for being honest 👌

Offline che_666999

Las Vegas a few years back, punted with a nice girl from one of those cards guys hand out in the strip, gave her $100 tip, apparently that was quite a big tip as I got a call 2 hours later to my room from another girl asking if I wanted to see her as she was even better looking then he one I saw before, got her up and gave her a good tipping too :)

London 3 years ago, model type but looked like she was off her head, confirmed when she called her dealer half way through the punt to get some more coke and snort it in front of me....left very quickly

Offline HappyCappy

Had a weird one last night!

It was late, just passed midnight, and I was looking for a cheeky quickie before I went home. Found an EE girl. (I know but I had the serious horn.) Got there, girl was beautiful and had some body on her!

Paperwork out of the way, stripped down. I lay on down, she oils up my cock and gets me hard. Jacket on, just about to slip in then an almighty bang on the window. She panics and says "Can you leave now?" Jumps off me and runs into hall. I hear quite heated discussion in the hall way in a foreign language.

I'm thinking "Is this for real?". I thought it was a con then noticed the money I paid her was left on the windowsill so I popped that in my pocket. I pull my boxers on and then two other girls come into the room. They apologised and explained the girl who I was just about to fuck isn't available now!? They are trying to get me to sleep with this other one who was in the shower when I arrived claiming the reason was the other girl suddenly got her period!

At this point I was wanting to know what was going on. It turned out the main girl who was working was in the shower and the girl who ran the flat had gone to the shop to buy sanitary products for the third girl who answered the phone to me and I almost fucked. I arrived pretty sharp - in about 5 minutes from first call - so when I arrived she was the only one free.

The girl who ran the flat had come back, called to get buzzed in and then was furious that the phone wasn't getting answered. A call was better than using the buzzer as more discrete. The window of the room we almost fucked in was reachable from the ground, hence the thumping and the heated conversation as she didn't know I was there.

I ended up just leaving after we all laughed and I made sure the girl I almost fucked was alright.
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I've had two fortunate ones that could have been a lot worse.
I had a weird one when the police came into the flat mid-session, the maid knocked on the door to let us know and we both has to scramble to get some clothes on. The girl went out to confirm it was a consensual etc etc and I was left in the room not having a chance to leave. Never been caught in a raid before so was very worried at this point but then a WPC entered into the room so check the room was all OK - ie no drugs etc and just before leaving turned round to me say to say the girls here are quite good looking to make sure I get my moneys worth.

The second one, got caught up in a fire alarm during a hotel booking and get to come out with around 100 guests, the booking was for an hour and we are only around 10mins into it. We had to leave with the other guests but didnt get time to fully get changed and so the girl I was with just went out commando in jeans and hoodie but being very cold during winter, it was nice to see her nipples harden up in the cold air. would have been obvious to the other guests what we would have been doing both coming out half dressed the lack of general chit chat whilst waiting outside for the all clear.

3some with 2 popular AW girls and the fire alarm went off mid punt - All the people had to evacuate the hotel very quickly. The girls put on their casual clothes and went downstairs with another 100-150 people - we looked so out of place as both girls were so made up that it was a little obvious that they were working girls

Went to a sauna yesterday in Wembley. Met a girl there who was going to give me a massage and she said "£120 and you can fuck me too" so I said "fuck the massage!" "No,no massage first" so after a really lame massage she leads me out to the main room and bends over a settee that another WG is sat on they talk in an EE language and the first girl spreads her legs and I go doggystyle on her while the other girl is texting away. She never looks once our way and I'm gutted as she was far better looking than  the one I was with.

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