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Author Topic: Sarah Mary  (Read 1583 times)

14 review(s) for Sarah Mary (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Sarah Mary
Price: £100/1Hr incall
About 12min walk from train station (according to google)

Saw Sarah Marys details yesterday, thought she looked amazing and with a good likes list (although I did think already that some wouldn't actually be on offer).

Sent a text this morning asking if she could met at 11am for 1hr, after a bit got a text back saying she starts at 12am (I guessed she meant pm and didn't bother to correct her). I ask if the £100 included Anal to which I was told she would have to see me first, I took this as anal wouldn't happen not a deal breaker so agreed time and was sent address.

Arrived a couple of mins early and texted that I was in the car park she told me to use. Got a text back with flat number etc.Up to the door and was let in by Sarah Mary dress in an loose shirt and panties. I would say she looks better in person then in the pics and I enjoyed watching her cute little bum as I followed to the bedroom.

She asked how long I was there for  :dash:....surely they should know this. Informed her and said about anal again for the price, she said she would have to see first. Definitely not going to happen I thought but handed over the cash, she disappeared out of the room to stash it or give it to the other person in the flat (I heard some movement outside during our session, maybe a second girl working from the flat).

Back in the room she has taken the shirt and panties off and sat on the bed (I had already stripped to my pants whilst she stashed the cash). She pulled down my pants and started to play with my cock, she grabbed a condom so I knew it would be oral with. I was freshly showered before I left home but maybe she wants you to shower there for OWO. I stopped her as I wanted to do some RO.

I started to kiss her and it is just light kissing (her lips felt great), I moved down her body first to her tits which are enhanced but thankfully she did't go stupidly big, they felt ok, moving down and got to her totally shave pussy. It look great, smelled amazing and tasted fantastic. The only problem was that after a short time doing it she stopped me as she didn't want to come that way.

She got me on my back and put the mac on. She proceeded to give me a great blow job, taking me deep, using her tongue around the tip etc. If it wasn't covered I reckon she would have made me shoot my load then.

After a bit she hoped on top and started riding me, knees by my side at first, and then onto her feet and really going for it. She felt nice and tight and I was happy she suggested changing position as I wouldn't have been able to hold out much longer.

The into mish and doggy (fucking her whilst holding onto that tiny waist was great) and she took a good pounding, I was changing my pace and pulling out to give her arse a good licking to ensure I held myself back as I tend to be a one pop guy, whilst pounding away I thought I may as well ask now about anal 'No sorry to big, to long' was the reply. I would never class myself as big (I'm average at best) so I don't think anal is ever on the menu really.

A couple more positions changes and still pounding away when I felt the sap rising, considered whipping it out and cumming over her gorgeous body but just finished inside her in the mac.

When I finished she looked at her watch and said 'You are the only guy who has fucked me for 40mins non stop', well if I wasn't just a one pop guy I would let myself cum sooner and then start all over again. We chatted about that and it seems she prefers shorter fucks, so 10-15mins of pounding rather than 40mins.

I knew she hadn't came in that time so suggested it was her turn now (as I like giving as much as receiving). She didn't want me to go down on her again because she doesn't like cumming that way (which is why she stopped me the first time), she liken it to a guy cumming in a girls mouth after a blowjob (so I guess CIM isn't an option really either).

Overall I would say this is a positive bordering on neutral, others may see it differently, and maybe I am just easy to please, but I had fun fucking a gorgeous young lady with an amazing body. I would definitely she her again.

She is only in Bracknell until Monday, so if you like the look of her get in quick.

14 review(s) found for Sarah Mary linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review.

Rating is up to you, but for many of us, with no FK, OWO and doesn't really receive oral, that would be a negative, let alone a neutral.

Plus with most guys doing very well to last 10mins in sex, it's easy money for her - at least you gave her a work out.

She didn't want me to go down on her again because she doesn't like cumming that way

More like, she doesn't want to cum, full stop.

All in all, it sounds a typical Romanian experience.

Offline purple_t

Thanks for the review but I definitely would not have rated her as a postive myself if she did not offer half the services on her likes list. No OWO, no anal and she made you stop RO... doesn't sound like a great punt to me


yeah your both probably right,  but I had a good fuck without having performance issues as I have a few times in the past, so in that way it made it feel a positive for me, so maybe I was just rating myself for the session  :crazy:

yeah your both probably right,  but I had a good fuck without having performance issues as I have a few times in the past, so in that way it made it feel a positive for me, so maybe I was just rating myself for the session  :crazy:

A good demonstration about how you feel about a punt is determined by how you feel about it as wella s how the WG performed in relation to her profile, ahh my point is falling apart I dunno, I'm drunk  :drinks: :drinks:

Offline mrx007

Looks fucking incredible. However all that "no touching this, no cim, etc". Fucking hell I visit WGs for sex, not for being told what to do. I'd be better off going to work than visiting that rule book.

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