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Author Topic: Missnje (Neath)  (Read 2811 times)

Looks like Natalie is back on AW as fairyprincess1 and according to her profile is pregnant.  Saw her a couple of times last year and she's a sexy little thing with a nice little body.  Hates condoms and quite happy to have cum inside her.  I did always get the impression she had issues in her personal life though.

Offline HughJardon

She sounds like a big bowl of wrong to me.
I know the Swansea scene isnt exactly a melting pot of sexy hunnied activity, but from what Ive read she should be given the widest berth imaginable
FFS  :scare:  :scare: :scare:

Offline purefilth

Missnje is not attractive, has an odd shaped body and lives with serious mental health conditions.

Enjoy lads!
Banning reason: Touting banned site via posts and PM

Offline aardvark

A pregnant barebacker = punters worst nightmare.

I imagine some of her former clients are now very nervous men!

Offline Redevil86

Shit, ! Just goes to show how important this site is to ones well being and ( not withstanding punting funds ) prosperity .

Offline Swansea lad

Sorry guys not been on here in a while.

I did meet with Muss Scarlet and she was a really nice girl but a bit naive.

She didn't clock watch, I would say the sex was ok and probably would give her another go because she was a nice girl.

The house was her home and she was quite house proud. It was very clean, she was spotless and smelt nice but a little quirky.

If my Mrs sucked me like that and let me fuck her the way I did I would be a happy guy but with Wg's you expect higher standards of blow jobs etc.

Biggest problems, she only had 2 condoms when I went there. I don't think she's a full time Wg I got the impression  she's trying to make extra cash.

Second problem she mentioned an older boyfriend who knows what she does and doesn't mind, I think he exists but doesn't know what she's doing hence having to cancel appointments.

Overall. Nice clean girl, probably 5'3" max, About 28 to look at, wants to make you happy but she struggles if you want to give her a proper seeing to.

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