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Author Topic: Sheng's back  (Read 1891 times)

Can't wait.
5pm app. Probs last 2mins once the HR starts.

Offline Mr_Wow

I've got my appointment on Friday, I can't wait she's incredible ... Definitely the best massage and he in my opinion #teamshen  :thumbsup:

I need to meet this girl, where she based, heard good reports all round?

Offline Boonsa

I'm booked in for tomorrow!  :yahoo: :D

Offline Frenchyg

Hi guys

Who lets you get away with the most out of :
Nikki Hexam?
Sheng Long Chester le street ?
Sarah Whitely ?

Thank you

What sort of question is that? I hear Nicki is very good. Not tried and never will if she is in a portakabin.

I know the Sheng and Sarah. Both you will get a good massage (depends on what you ask for) and both give great HE. Sheng is cheaper and wear a lovely dress with stockings. No touching her.

Sarah is stunning (imo) and always dresses sexy but not ott. Again no touching.

Pa at Nisa is equally stunning but HE isn't the best from her but excellent massage. 

Offline Frenchyg

Thank you for your reply king Jim

I saw Pa approx a month ago on westgate road and was so impressed by the massage I decided to have a 2 hour massage instead of the 1 hour I initially paid for! I didn't even bother with the he as I was enjoying it so much (and also I had no money left after the 2 HR stint) she was lovely.

Offline ride4fun

Has anyone got a link for sarah.

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