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Author Topic: Sexyreadheadxx AMAZING Glasgow  (Read 6300 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2993989 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyredheadxx

After reading some great reviews on AW and UKP I knew that this gorgeous girl would be delivering a service that was something to remember.

Great comms and some funny exchanges before we eventually met the other day and it was a refreshing change to know the personality and attitude of a girl before meeting through our comms, it meant we were both totally relaxed when we eventually met.

The apartment based in the city centre was very safe and discrete with plenty of parking in the area so no issues. A nice clean serviced aparment with a great shower, men toiletries and nice clean fluffy towels.

The door opened and my first sight of this girl was great, a tall 6ft 3in (in amazing heels) gorgeous babe with legs that went on for ever and a amazing flat stomached body with great tits all wrapped in some sexy underwear. This girl does have tatoos and actually after a few visits with tattooed girls I'm a convert now she looked great.

A nice prolonged sensual kiss at the door really set the pace and tone of the 1/2hr booking. This girl really knows how to get a heart pacing fast with sensual kisses, she really did make the whole greeting and getting to know me very sensual. We chatted and moved to the bedroom where I slowly undressed as we kissed .......I was hard as a rock already and had to stop for a breather lol.
Off for a quick shower and met back in the room with this gorgeous tall babe lying on the bed looking amazing....it's hard to describe how perfect her body is, I have recently seen some smaller girls height wise but this 6ft tall babe was amazing. Started by asking her to stand whilst I sat on the bed and I kissed her body up and down and gently removed her bra to reveal a nice pair of tits with nipples that were asking to be sucked, and she liked them being gently played with and her nipples were rock hard.

After exploring her sexy body off her with pants but asked her to keep her heels on and onto the bed for some more kissing, I really got lost in the moment, she really is the most sensual kisser I have met, it was great to just be relaxed and to be kissing such a hot girl. Looks wise she really is girl next door that you would like to be dating, striking eyes and great red hair. Then onto some OWO.....now I've had a girl gagging on my cock but this girl is next level after getting me hard she had my cock wet and slippery at a next level and I was in her mouth literally ball deep....amazing just out of this world, she takes instruction well and slowed down and sped up exaclty as directed.

Her pussy and ass looked amazing so on with the bag and got her bent over for some doggy style .....started slow and fed my raging hard cock slowly into her soaking wet pussy, I could tell she was enjoying it.....no lube of wetting her pussy it was naturally wet. Nice slow soggy style followed with me giving her sexy ass a few spanks that she seemed to enjoy.

However I really wanted to get back to OWo, off with the bag and back onto my back with her between my legs, got my legs over her shoulders so I could really get deep in her mouth and face fuck her hard, it didn't take long and I let her know I was going to cum, she did this great thing and really sucked my cock fully in as I shot my full load deep into her throat It was a amqmzing orgasm.......great touch as she continued to gently suck it all....I was still bloody rock hard lol.

Nice clean up and we lay and chatted for a bit...she is a rel genuine scottish down to earth lass who I definatley going to visit again. A great personality, great body and a great looking girl. As she is working from a serviced apartment she can do the £80 half hour bookings and at that price is affordable.

Oh I should add she has gorgeous feet and toes but is sensitive about them, I did manage to get her heels  off and had her long sexy toes in my mouth as she squirmed but good on her for letting me try...it was a first for her......I've told her I'm going to convert her and let us foot fetish guys slowly get her loving toes that attention they deserve lol.

Overall a great POSITIVE punt and I will be back for more soon...... :thumbsup: :yahoo: :kissgirl:

6 review(s) found for sexyredheadxx linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Damn! Taz man! I was looking at this girl over the past few days but something was stopping me from taking the plunge. Now that I see your review, I'm booked in for tonight. :D Excited.

Edit: *booked in for tomorrow night.

Yeah I was the same I looked at her profile a few times a nd as much as she looked good the half hour booking was a biggie for me.......great girl and great reviews on her and AW

Offline solway

Seems to be a right cum guzzler  :D

Seems to be a right cum guzzler  :D

 :thumbsup: ..... Yep and a very nice clean hygienic girl......shower and mouthwash etc between all punts...... That's what makes the difference with these girls....

Offline solway

Quality.Looks good in a dress too.
« Last Edit: August 24, 2015, 07:43:52 PM by solway »

Quality.Looks good in a dress too.

......looks so much better in nothing but sexy high heels :yahoo:  :diablo:

Offline bensonhedges20

What age is she? Its a bit odd to be 26 and studying?
What dress size?
Banning reason: Troll

What age is she? Its a bit odd to be 26 and studying?
There are loads of mature students studying at College and Uni these days, the stereotypical 18-21 year old student is a thing of the past. I don’t know why, however, I have always been a little bit sceptical about working girls who claim to be full or part time students. Unless I see some serious academic literature on the bed side table or bookcase (for studying between clients) I just assume that they are bluffing. :) Anyone know for certain if there are any 100% genuine students working in Glasgow? A few claim to be, however, I am not so sure.

I'm pretty sure she does still study, a good indication is the availablity and working hours during term time..also I would place her about 22yrs old......

Profile is away ....anyone any ideas about what happened?

Offline Happy99

Profile is away ....anyone any ideas about what happened?

She couldn't afford any more discounts for touts so did a runner?

Offline daviebond

Profile is away ....anyone any ideas about what happened?
You didnt say AMAZING enough in your review so she buggered off in a huff   :P

Offline seeker

After you Taz
She knew it was only downhill  :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

Offline Raithfan

she will be back in a few weeks

Offline seeker

Hopefully she will put her special on again  :thumbsup:
Just to get us ukpunters in the mood.

Offline Gavala67

Was looking to book this girl , new to punting but can't find how to book her ?
What kind of specials does she do? Cheers for any advice

Anyone here any more about sexy red head.


Updating this old thread with some good news.......

LeggyAmanda and sexyredheadxx are the same girl ...see above link for more details..... :thumbsup:

Offline mr small

Hope this doesnt reach the stalker who caused her to disappear  last time round  :dash:

Spoke to her and it all good .... :thumbsup:

Online Clattypats

The links down, or she's done a bunk taz :unknown:

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