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Author Topic: Blue Angel Lolla  (Read 703 times)

Offline Gigiddy

Damn she looks tasty  someone please tell me she is OK :scare:
https://www.adultwork.com/3044404 or https://www.adultwork.com/Blue+angel+lolla

Was going to give Amy a call tomorrow but then Lolla popped up and so did I
Gentlemen comments please as I fear I am thinking with "Roger"
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Offline HughJardon

She wasnt showing up on your standard NP20 search but I found her about a fortnight ago through the local wales regional escort search.
Sent her a message then and havent had a reply, doubt I ever will. She hasnt logged on since the 20th. My spin on it is  that shes probably on holiday and selling the PG out.
Sorry Gigdiddy, if you get a response let us know, I think her tits would look good in my mouth


Offline Gigiddy

Thanks Hugh, yea didn't check her date of entry, those tits had me thinking from below the waist/ looks like Amy will be getting a visit tomorrow then
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Offline mr big

which amy does she look like the one with olivia

Offline getonit

Hi Guys,   I did a review of Lola when she was called Amanda in Coventry , the link is at the top of this thread. The day after I met her she changed the profile name to Lola and had Newport as her location and I thought she was just parking her profile as she did say she was returning home. Now the profile has changed yet again to blond model Valerie and not only that the girl has changed!  Certainly the first pictures in her public gallery are not the girl I saw (Amanda had no tats) and was about 2 sizes smaller . There are some pics that I think are Amanda, the ones where she has black stockings, but the first  eleven or so are a different person. I only noticed when I was looking in my HL and though ' who the f%&K is that! ' . Just thought I would let you know , maybe this Valerie is o.k. but it is not the girl I gave a review for. 
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Offline getonit

My suspicions were correct , this was just a parked profile, it is now in leeds with YET another girl in the pictures.....JFC .

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