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    Author Topic: BiBi-Thaigirl in Bayswater  (Read 1274 times)

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    Offline Hermar

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    I just came back from a one hour booking with this extremely nice Thai girl. Good looking as per photos. English is good enough for a chat.
    Ok flat next to bayswater station. Shower is not very practical but the massage is on a real massage table and not a bed which is nice.
    At the moment you can have 2 HJ in a one hour booking for £60. So I did  :D
    I asked, she does prostate massage for an extra 20, nude for an extra 30 and B2B for and extra 40.

    We started with the first HJ, very oily and quite good as I lasted long and she (although showing signs of being tired) finished the job. Then on with the massage which was EXTREMELY good with some light touches of Thai massage techniques. Finally time for the 2nd HJ at the end of the session. This time the technique was way more mechanical and she asked me to help her so I finished the job myself.
    I tried in the shower to get rid of the oil as I could but I never succeed. If any one has a trick...

    Anyway, I was out quite happy but unfortunately, the whole thing lasted about 50min (including my showers and the few minutes lost here and there). I do not think this was on purpose but I'm pretty sure no one ever stays a minute longer either  :thumbsdown:

    In conclusion I'd say positive borderline neutral (especially if time is important to you). 2HJ and a good massage for £60 is still quite good VFM.

    Offline aprower994

    Profile same as Jenny from massagetheuk.com - massive difference in price between the two websites!

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    I've seen her before - good massage, but felt the sensual aspect was lacking.

    Offline Hermar

    It is indeed her but I fail to see the price difference.  :unknown:
    Yes the massage is an actual massage and the hand job is good but nothing amazing. I'd happily take any suggestions for similar, but better, experiences.

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