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Author Topic: Clubs or Nuru Massage in Edinburgh  (Read 1293 times)

Offline Rising


I will be in Edinburgh shortly and was wondering what the locals would recommend? I am either after a Nuru massage/B2B Massage preferably with touching ( :) ).

I have however heard that there are very nice clubs/saunas in Edinburgh and was wondering, 1. is that right? and 2. what do they have on offer? and 3. Which one is the best, is to be recommended?

Thanks in advance!

Offline JazzMan

Sorry to disappoint you but there are only saunas which are in fact brothels in disguise.
Search on here for LSS, BSS or NTS
LSS - London Street Sauna (0131 556 8848)
BSS - Blair Street Sauna (0131 226 2114)
NTS - New Town Sauna (0131 557 3616? I think)

I would recommend LSS and take your chances. Usually 7 or 8 girls.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

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