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Author Topic: The Ashley Madison news has scared me! An AdultWork hack? Removing info  (Read 5709 times)

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AW uses an external website to process payments, which is good, for it is they who have the real name and address.

Every single card 3rd party processor I've used (as merchant) automatically provides name and address (including IP, etc.)
I'm pretty sure a site like AdultWork would be demanding it AND logging it.

Clickandbuy touted their services to AdultWork at a webmaster convention a couple of years ago (AdultWork themselves had a presence), and Clickandbuy was introduced as payment method shortly after the convention ended. Clickandbuy probably bend over backwards for business from AdultWork.

Every single card 3rd party processor I've used (as merchant) automatically provides name and address (including IP, etc.)

Same here; usual business practice is, if it's customer data, you save it with the transaction. I always did, but not full card numbers as this had greater legal requirements, but definitely card holder name. So if you used a CC on AW, then they will probably have this on their database too (but not exposed to the outside obviously). You will need to hope AW never get hacked. One benefit of this is that they've surely assessed their risk from lessons learnt so far from AshMad, including inside jobs?

One solution, like the OP, is to remove your AW profile; after a month it is meant to be non-recoverable. I would not be 100% sure that this removes all your data from their database. It may just be a delete 'flag' with the data remaining on the database for ever. This is what AshMad did, even after customers paid for deletion. It would be darn useful, for all those who are anxious, if this could be found out?

If you have or haven't ever used a CC then the lesson from AshMad is, don't, ever. Only use adult sites that take cash vouchers. UKash, which many have mentioned, is now (taken over by) PaySafeCard. Used one hassle free on a betting site recently and AW take these.



It will always be on a list, you knew the risk and still had to see that PG though.

Yes, I'm sure hawkwind will appreciate your input.

Perhaps if your only interest on this thread is to deride punters who have used their CC details then you could go elsewhere? Cheers  :hi:


If AW were hacked to the same degree as AM then a lot of guys would be in big trouble. And it could happen. First Adult Friend Finder, then Ashley Madison, then...?

If you have used your CC on AW then I'd suggest deleting the account and hoping the data does get permanently erased.

It's the CC info that is the Achilles heel of most gents, so UKP is far less at risk. Unless you've used your real email. If you have? Change it  :thumbsup:

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