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Author Topic: Car meets?  (Read 1824 times)

Anyone else get bored of the same routine visiting girls flats and mix things up with a bit of car or outdoors fun now and then? If so, what girls are good for it?

Offline pete-piper

I've thought about it but the girls seem to want the same rate as an incall. With the prospect of not being able to get a full service I then default to the incall option.
You had any luck?

Not recently though, had a couple with the older woman naughty-nikki from Edinburgh when she used to offer them, was pretty hot and had more of a buzz to it than a regular punt....

Offline pete-piper

Where did you go for some privacy?
PM me if you prefer.

Tbh it wasn't even that private, right next to a main road but under the cover of darkness, she pulled up next to me, jumped in my car wearing a short PVC dress and thigh high boots, just can't get that excitement in a flat IMO

Offline pete-piper

So how far did you manage to go? Sex wise I mean, obviously  :rolleyes:

Everything, and un rushed too.

Offline pete-piper

I presume she is no longer around?

Offline nike

This thread takes me back to my youth.
I used to do car meets quite regularly,  haven't done one for at least a decade.
Probably because I'm not as limber or flexible as I used to be.

Know anyone that does car meets in Dundee please? No foreigners!

Foreign cars or foreign girls...... :dash:

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