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Author Topic: Busty xx Claudia - Hounslow East  (Read 651 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2922196 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty+xx+Claudia.

I sometimes wonder why I,although she wasn't that bad the whole experience was crap. Booked early afternoon for evening. Too 2 buses. Although Hounslow East seemed only just safe there was a lot of local ethnics hanging around and must have been feeding time as the street kebab/curry houses were busy. Just not my scene.
Communications were good although I found out later I was talking to the pimpette and subsequently any of my requests for sussies and stuff were totally ignored. In fact what a mug I is in even thinking I was onto an accommodating girl, you know replies like 'anything you wan't honey'. They must be pissing themselves laughing, to the bank. I find out the pro only gets the immanent arrival of me ten minutes before, probably when I've asked for house number. Well oiled cash machine that pimp rents house and keeps half the doe.
I got there early, sussed out the street of crap terraced houses and went for a walk. Another shitty area, got approached by some hard done trying to ponce money and hurling abuse at me that I can afford to buy a pint, which I promptly did to slope away from him. Another dump and like some Michael Caine/Ray Winstone movie set-namely grim. So I get the number of house and it's flat 1. Where is flat one?? ,no numbers,front door open,I go upstairs all locked up,phew, send text and am told ground floor,go back down,one door is open with some bird milling around so I knock on other door and it opens. I later find out her mate works in the open one. Could of at least had flat number on door as in effect it's just a crappy sub divided house. All this grief has quite frankly spooked me out. Was half expecting some punch up whilst upstairs with some pissed off tenant in a string vest with screaming kid in the background totally pissed of with the knocking shop downstairs and punters wandering around.
So the bird quite tall,blonde fringe,goofy but quite friendly,nowhere as good as the photo's. Gut on her well dangling.
I sign up for a hour. In reality I wish I hadn't. She was friendly enough but not an ounce of kink in her. Saving up for a flat in Poland and then getting out. Know the score.
Reasonable blow job,fanny seemed faffy and I got my face out of it fairly quick,like a worn out bicycle tyre. Nice tits,bit of doggy but ended up wanking myself with her taking over.The bog was in linesight  of a partitioned room with door open and every so often I got a whiff of sewage. Fucked up house,fucked up area.
So I take a quick shower and bugger off ten minutes early.The whole experience is a waste of time and just too stressfull and intimidating. I really am scaling back on this activity. I suppose you just have to pay a lot more to avoid this grief and I thing I'll stick to a good steak in Mayfair. I might be being unfair but to me the whole experience is NEGATIVE but I suppose she's only just a neutral.
She's back in Poland for a month now.

2 review(s) found for Busty xx Claudia linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Pretty much the same experience as me really. Took a shower, and when I returned we laid on the bed and she went straight into FK, while her hand wandered down to give me a gentle rub. I thought this is OK, but then she jumped off the bed, grabbed a rubber, put it on and started a blow job. I don’t mind being covered, but would have liked the choice as I prefer OWO - and it's included on her profile! However, she got me ready, and jumped aboard for a while before we swapped round. This is when it started getting boring as I think she expected me to finish quickly, and sort of lost her enthusiasm when I didn’t.
She eventually decided a hand job was the best way to get things done - and it was. When I came, her face lit up with a big smile as if it was the first time she’d seen anything like it. She wiped me clean, washed her hands in the bathroom, and asked if I’d like another shower. Off I went, but when I came back she was fully dressed and was dealing with her text messages. I was kind of invisible, so not even a bit of chat - I left with about 15 mins to go. Neutral for me too!

£90 - 1 hour.
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