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Author Topic: FindMyiPhone  (Read 535 times)

Offline itk

Is there anyway I can turn this off my phone so the OH can't track my whereabouts, reasons being I'm planning to travel 80+ miles to a party next month, while she thinks I'll be at work. I will have to have my phone on me or that will attract suspicion, but if she looks on the Find My iPhone app my location will give the game away.  Not even sure if the daft cow knows of this feature but just incase.

But remember when you have done on PC to clear history or maybe do it all in inprivate browsing in IE or incognito on Chrome so don't need to clear history and raise suspicions.

Offline itk

She nevers goes on the PC so no worries there. Think I'll disable all phones on the day so it looks like a fault if she does happen to use the app.

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