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Author Topic: Rachel_lovitt - Birmingham  (Read 1234 times)

6 review(s) for XxX-Rachel-XxX (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Brumbrum


This is my first review on site and off my phone so sorry in advance if it's not up to scratch!

I decided to see Rachel in one of the hotels in Brum city centre. Comms were good initially arrived there and she text me the room she was staying in. I got there and the room smelt badly really strongly like someone was potentially there at the time. She asked me to go for a shower which I did but during it I was a bit wary of potentially walking out and someone mugging me because the room felt a bit dodgy. Once I came out the shower we started off kissing and took my towel off. She gave me oral with a condom on and was annoyed because I normally get owo and was clean with other escorts.I undressed her and decided to do her missionary and doggy before I popped which was quicker then normal. Then we started with the conversation this is where I felt quite awkward as she started to tell me that she loves other drugs(which I don't wanna state publicly) which made me feel quite disgusted as I was contributing to something that potentially is probably one of the worst things to take. I decided to give her a massage to stop the convo in which I massaged her thighs and arse to which she had a nice one. She then gave me one and I was ready for round 2. I asked her to go on top I would say she has put a lot more weight on. Then we did some more talking and I didn't feel very comfortable and thought to myself let me have another pop with her to get my money's worth so came 3 times during the session and left in around 50 mins

Nice girl but environment wasn't right,I think there is far better in brum

Since this punt I haven't seen an escort since and it makes me think whether other escorts are influenced on other addictions except money of course!
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6 review(s) found for XxX-Rachel-XxX linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline JJJ

Thanks for the review BB, wanted to see her but not now

Unfortunately there are a lot more wgs then u think who take substances of some kind.  Usually british wgs from what I have seen.  Some may just take something to help them get through a busy day

Offline Brumbrum

Yes that's true but it's something I would never want to contribute to for personal reasons seeing people ruin their lives with it! I wouldn't think that any of the top wgs in Birmingham would use it? I.e Chardonnay

Offline JJJ

Agree I don't want contribute either.  However before you realize you have already handed over the cash.  What do u do?  I find it difficult enough walking anyway never mind after paying

Haven't seen Chardonnay so can't comment

Offline Brumbrum

Yes that's definitely true! I couldn't walk away I kept banging away

Offline JEH7376

I had a strange experience trying to book this girl a couple of years ago. Did the booking online, confirmed by text, etc. Got to the address, called, no answer, texted, no reply. Waited 10 minutes then called again,answered by a girl who said she was taking 'rachels' calls because 'rachel' was in bed, I think 'tired and emotional' would be the way to describe it.anyway this girl said she could take the booking, she looked just the same, slim and dark, little brain was engaged so I said yes.

Anyway it turned out to be a girl who has been negatively reviewed on here, last profile was I believe hollys wonderland, currently something like holly6969 I think. It wasn't as bad a punt as the review I saw on here, but it was no better than mediocre,what the connection was between them I have no idea.

Also, looking at the Rachel profile now, her pictures aren't a patch on the ones she used to have, she looked utterly GORGEOUS even with fave covered. However her feedbacks weren't that many considering the age.of her profile which maybe should have been a bit of a red flag.

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