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Author Topic: How to avoid 'prompting'?  (Read 781 times)

Offline bensonhedges20

Whats the best way to avoid an escort prompting or asking what you would  like etc

I prefer if a girl goes with the flow and takes the lead but most escorts assume i mean bdsm :dash:

Any tips?

Nothing worse than getting into it and she asks what would you like to do next....
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Offline mf_1101

Well I am fairly lazy during sex sometimes and I will just lay there as they ride me, suck me off or sit on my face, but eventually she gets tired and tries to move things on. Problem with not being in direct control is the punt becomes more about what is better for the WG rather than for you.

Of course if you prefer they just lead, best to just say at the start "I just want to go with the flow" but then they might start wasting your time with 20 minute massages and all sorts of shit. Not something I can truly understand, but if you "don't want to lead" it's best you take the lead in saying you don't want to take the lead?  :unknown:

You could write all the things you like or her services on a folded piece of paper and run the booking like a raffle, I have ice cubes on pussy and ass hole in my tombola.  Usually use this on longer sessions saves thinking and lady luck will dominate your session.

Offline RalphMouse

If she's doing bdsm you must be giving her nothing to go on. I say something when I book about what I want even though I am mostly vanilla.
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