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Author Topic: Scarlett Rose Escort - Adultwork  (Read 10237 times)

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Offline dino1990

Back up again,she has got me tempted with that photo.

She is a really fun and sexy punt. Looks like Jenna Coleman.

She is a really fun and sexy punt. Looks like Jenna Coleman.

Looks better than Jenna Coleman ;)

Offline Looking4fun

Great girl,coms where great will definetly see again

Offline gk2000

Good nosh,  not so great fuck I thought
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Offline Bengeo13

IMHO Scarlett is emerging as one of the best around these days, even taking into account no cim
And now a  duo invite with Tori, that's mighty tempting!
Only ever had one duo before - didn't know where to look!

I'm not waiting for her to come down to the midlands anymore. I'm travelling the east coast next year on my way up to Edinburgh and will stop a night in Tyneside. Great location for a punter. :drinks:

Offline dino1990

don't think so, northern but not geordie.

Offline alenski

she  was telling me that she is a local girl  through free of any accent.certainly worth  a visit but sadly just doing duos with tori.

Yeah, getting to see her is quite difficult. I actually had a booking several months back but it got cancelled the day before so, as I was psyched up to see her, I've been eager to see her since... it's just been a case of trying to match our availability and, now with the Duo only setup, it's even more difficult / uncertain. Maybe I should just go an' see both, lol.
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Offline baretta

Going by her profile on UK escorting her ass pic is sexy as hell if I'm ever up north I may have to drop her the D
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