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Author Topic: Profiles with 'Contact me by phone only' and yet no number listed.  (Read 390 times)

Offline Henry Miller

I've noticed this on quite a few profiles. Is it a way of weeding out new clients and sticking to regulars? Or perhaps it's just poor proof-reading on behalf of whoevers's typing up the profile. Either way, it's more than a little annoying since this seems to occur with the girls I keenly (though not desperately) want to see.
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Yes it is annoying and it happens all too often.
Remember the girls have to pay A/W daily to display the number so some of them will only list it when they are actually available and have their green light on.

As above, a lot of girls seem to take their number down when they are not available. Another possibility is that it is a private gallery selling scam.

Offline azrael

Could be they're content with regulars, maybe they're only intrested in selling p.g pictures

Offline berksboy

   Or most are just lazy / thick as shit.

Earlier in the year I was in Torquay and was researching on AW. Four lovely ladys were on my mind, (but all had cropped up during my three day stay) even though they had barely any reviews. (Torquay doesnt seem to be a hotbed of talent). Emailed all four on AW, three came back with automated responces in seconds of "i'm busy please call the mobile number listed" or there abouts, the last was the only one with a mobile number listed. No responce, either. Put the clever Vicar worzle head on and realised the EE pimp had not fully thought out the cost cutting exercise of only displaying number on one profile, rather than all four. Summised it to be a pack of marauding Romanians, checked all the photos and carpet pictured was all the same. Just my my two pennys worth, as a new person. Happy Friday!

Offline berksboy

             You Sir maybe new on here but you are up to full speed . :hi:

Offline bensonhedges20

   Or most are just lazy / thick as shit.


Or that they havent sold any PG to finance the number that week
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