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Author Topic: Lovely Lorraine - Southampton  (Read 1180 times)

9 review(s) for Lovely Lorraine (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline purple_t

https://www.adultwork.com/2482000 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lovely+Lorraine

I have over 100 posts now and a few members have suggested I contribute some reviews, so I feel it's time to give back, after all this forum has been a lot of help to me.

I've seen Lorraine twice now, the first time was before there were any reviews of her on here so I was just going by her AW profile and my gut feeling alone. Luckily I was not disappointed. I have since returned to see her so feel qualified to give a review. This review is basically both punts combined.

Initial comms were good and directions given once first booking was made. Lorraine works out of a rented flat in the Shirley area of Southampton that is very easy to find. Flat number given once outside. Discreet entrance and I have not passed anyone in the hallway either time. Flat itself is fine, it's definitely not the Ritz but I'm not really that fussy as I'm not exactly staying the night, both bathroom and bed are clean and I felt safe, which is all I really care about!

There are very few photos on her profile and no face pics but I would say that Lorraine is a naturally pretty girl, with a 'girl next door' look. She has a cute face, long dark wavy hair and (refreshingly) no tattoos (at least none that I could see)! Very soft pale skin, slim body (size 8) but hourglass figure with a nice arse and perky (natural) tits. She may be a little too slim for some but perfect for me as I am a slim guy myself. Nice shaven clean pussy as well. AW profile states she is 22; she could certainly pass for 22, definitely would say she is in her early twenties.

Once paperwork was sorted and drink provided Lorraine wasted no time in initiating DFK. With other girls I often feel like this part of the service is a bit robotic and lacking in any passion, not the case with Lorraine. DFK was very deep and passionate, in fact she is so good at this that both times I almost didn't want to move onto anything else (almost!).

OWO very good and a variety of techniques used. Lorraine mostly gives sloppy, deep-throat style blowjobs, which I personally enjoy a lot. Played with my balls a bit as well which is a huge turn on for me. Went down on Lorraine and enjoyed that a lot as well, very clean down there and tasted good!

Then on with the condom and had sex in a few different positions. DFK continued throughout the punt where possible and Lorraine was also happy for me to spank her when we were going at it doggy style. No CIM but this is not advertised on her profile anyway. She was happy for me to cum on her tits.

There is a small clock in the room but I didn't feel like Lorraine was clock-watching at any point. Both times we did things at my pace and it was always my suggestion to move onto the next thing. Didn't feel like she was trying to rush me at any point, but then again my time-keeping is usually pretty good anyway. Personality-wise Lorraine comes across as slightly shy but very enthusiastic and eager to please. A few months passed between my first and second visit but she remembered stuff we had talked about in my first visit in a good amount of detail, which was a nice touch (not that we did loads of talking!)

So overall I would highly recommend Lorraine if you want a great GFE with intense DFK, and like brunettes with a 'natural' look. If you like longer sessions she may not be the best VFM as discounted rates not really offered for multiple hours, also her services are a little limited in that there is not much in the way of fetish stuff. But if like me your punting requirements are fairly vanilla and you typically go for 1 hour bookings, then she is hard to beat in my opinion.
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9 review(s) found for Lovely Lorraine linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Good review Purple, sounds like one to consider If i end up that way in life.

PS are you related to Purple Aki ?

Offline purple_t

PS are you related to Purple Aki ?

Had to look him up, then promptly pissed myself laughing at the tales of him squeezing other guys' biceps and asking them to squat!

Had to look him up, then promptly pissed myself laughing at the tales of him squeezing other guys' biceps and asking them to squat!
My mate got accosted at Liverpool uni and any mention of the word purple sets me off in hysterics.

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