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Author Topic: HOD: check out these two CIM hotties...  (Read 1164 times)

Offline mrx007

Anyone seen either of these two anywhere.? They're new at HOD Milton Keynes and there today and tomorrow:

Olivia, British CIM and Swallow: http://houseofdivine.com/miltonkeynesescortandlondonescort.php?girlid=2861

Demi, British, CIM: https://twitter.com/HouseOfDivine?ref_src=twsrc^tfw

Both look fucking gorgeous to me...I need to be in a TOFTT mood....

Offline mrx007

There was a link for Demi on their site so they're either working on the site or she isn't turning up....

She's on their twitter feed if you scroll down.

Offline finn5555

Back to back bookings and they lie about the pro$$ies ages etc at this brothel so tread with caution  :hi:

Offline mrx007

Back to back bookings and they lie about the pro$$ies ages etc at this brothel so tread with caution  :hi:

I've been there a few times and in my reviews lately I have complained about not getting a full booking. I was wondering if I would get a full 20 minutes as that gives the girl time to the next booking maybe.

In view of two recent lukewarm reviews from me I'm not really in a TOFTT mood at HOD...

Offline CheeseYa

I was tempted to take a punt on Demi as she does look cute in the photos but sadly she appears to have been a no-show.


Nice to see them getting a few more British WGs in recently; although there still doesn't appear to be quite such a good selection as there was back around 2012 when they had the likes of Kitty, Missy, Alexandra, Amy, Emma, Saphire, Tilly, Sarah, Scarlet plus all the other college/uni students who regularly popped up there for a short stint during the holidays.

Guess it's just a sign of the times, as AdultWork searches aren't turning up nearly so many 20something British WGs locally as a few years ago.

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