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Author Topic: Dakota-Banks  (Read 1053 times)

Offline banging hard

Dakota banks touring Newcastle again,well a word of warning keep your money ,Dakota banks and other rip off merchants are one of the reasons why I joined this forum.
  Forget her pics ,all the crap of tasting her hot pussy ,in all my years of punting ,this is one of my goes into one of my worst punt section,u know the feeling when u think ,let me get out of here .Already posted on the nw section ,were she had being to liverpoool.
   she is one of the girls that u can't touch anywhere ,does not kiss ,does nothing like owo ,although stated on her profile ,fell into the trap though .I should have walked away as soon as I knew the crack.
Keep r money lads ,this one is a rotten apple that needs keeping out of the north east ,obviously people are seeing her because she keeps coming back ,check her feedback 24 pos. in 18 months of working on adultwork ,if see was that good it would be 10 a week at least ,if u read this Dakota ,sorry but some people work for their money up here ,get back south ,thanks ,and switch the lights off. :dash: :thumbsdown:
Banning reason: Troll

Offline TrojanH6

Totally agree saw here recently pics are not of her left as soon as I could.

I rang her a few months back with the intention of booking her. Great pica and profile....just what i was looking for.
She answered the phone half asleep. Straight away i was put off. I asked if she definitely provided owo (as per her likes list). "No" she replied. Wtf out it on your list??
I couldnt be bothered to carry on with the phone call. After reading the previous reviews i think i had a lucky escape!

Online MrClive

Thanks for this men, I was totally going to book her.

The search for a decent black girl goes on!

Gutted I missed Aliyah Brown when she was up here recently, she looks right up my street.

Offline banging hard

great to help mate ,saved u money ,she is  total crap ,without looking is she still on 24 reviews ,bloody nightmare ,hope she reads this post , :bomb:
Banning reason: Troll

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