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Author Topic: BodyModGrrl possibly the best escort I have ever seen - London  (Read 8349 times)

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Offline ChrisQ

This forum does make me chuckle.

A forum for a group of people who share a kink, that kink is paying for sex, and for this, this group is regularly demonised, chastised and ridiculed by wider society for this kink, I would have thought might have made this group more tolerant and understanding of kinks.

But instead anytime there is a post that expresses interest in any kink that does fit with their heteronormative view of what is beautiful/sexy/acceptable  these posters seem to think it essential to stamp down on and ridicule any poster brave enough to express a kink they deem unacceptable.

Grow up.

People like different things.
Well said.

Offline LL

What the fuck?!
Is he smoking crack?
(Well she certainly looks like she'd be able to get a hold of some, probably just by reaching under her pillow :D)

Each to his own. I find her extremely attractive, but I adore hairy women.
+1, just her fee os over the top

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