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Author Topic: LilyDelphine - Nottingham  (Read 882 times)

21 review(s) for LilyDelphine (19 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

LilyDelphine Nottingham

https://www.adultwork.com/2667114 or https://www.adultwork.com/LilyDelphine

1hr incall £120

Lily's forthcoming move to Nottingham has been well highlighted on here so when she announced a short tour I thought it too good an opportunity to miss.

I messaged her very early on and comms were good though a little intermittent which could put some people off. It's probably something she needs to watch though it's not enough to put a determined sod like me off. :)

She was based in a small recently modernised apartment in the Lace Market area (good choice). I was fine until I gently knocked on her door when I felt my heart starting to race in anticipation. It opened slowly and the most lovely young lady peeped round and gave me the biggest smile.

In I went and before any hello's I was greeted with the biggest longest kiss ever. It was like being reunited with a long lost girlfriend and it set the scene for the next hour. The paperwork was sorted in seconds and after a bit more kissing we headed to the bedroom.

Lily is completely gorgeous just like her photos - face, body, bum, boobs etc. and impeccably (un)dressed but it's her eyes that do it for me. We kissed some more and she slowly unwrapped me, teasing gently whilst maintaining eye contact all along. Then OMG, Lily runs her tongue over my balls then up and down my cock before going in for deep OWO, all with eyes locked.

I almost popped (for me that's saying something) so I suggested some RO which she was very keen on. Again eye contact maintained throughout and she gently pressed my head down each time she approached orgasm. I wasn't keeping count but I'd say it was well received.  :rolleyes:

We switched to 69 and the count continued to rise until Lily wanted to come with me inside her. I was ready too, so we quickly bagged up and she energetically rode me cowgirl until she shuddered with the biggest orgasm I've seen in long time. She had a lovely smile on her face and after a short pause for breath we started again, gradually building up into a frenzy until I popped too (almost exploded actually) leaving us tired, hot, happy and still kissing.

At this point I have to offer apologies to the neighboring flats who may have had their peace and quiet disturbed by the creaky bed but they can be assured that our pleasure was worth their inconvenience, and to the flats opposite, I hope you copped a good eyeful!   :)

So in summary, Lily is a gorgeous, smart, sensual and just downright sexy young lady, offering a perfect GFE. Afterwards I noticed that we'd somehow stuck to time pretty closely but there was no clock watching and at no point did I feel rushed whatsoever. Afterwards we kissed some more, I had a shower, we chatted, kissed some more, I dressed, we kissed some more and eventually I had to literally tear myself away.

I can see why the guys in the NE are sorry to see Lily go and their loss is our gain so I was very pleased to give her a warm (and sticky) East Midlands welcome. In case you're wondering I can't wait for her to make the move next month. I suspect some patience will be required but I hope you'll make her welcome too.   :kissgirl:

21 review(s) found for LilyDelphine linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline johnny34

Great review of a great girl.

I was hoping you would all think she was crap so that she would stay in the NE  :D :D


We were hoping she thought Nottm was crap and move to Leicester

Offline azrael

Lucky sodd, which day did you manage to see her as she got booked up real quick  :hi:

I tried for Tues, booked for Weds and got the details drip fed through starting two hours prior. Not for the faint hearted but it worked out so added to the fun and drama of the 'chase'. :)

Imagine Lily's inbox and life is rather busy at the moment (graduations, leaving do's, distressed NE punters, excited EM punters and a significant relocation) so it was just patience and good dollop of luck.

It was a sunny day so I hope she got a chance for a quick look round while she was here. She's a lovely young lady and I look forward to her return.

Great review of a great girl.

I was hoping you would all think she was crap so that she would stay in the NE  :D :D

I did warn them that she was quite good.!!

The one consolation about our team"s  shit start to the season is that it looks like we may be visiting Nottingham in the not too distant future Johnny.. :dash: :yahoo:

Offline azrael

Yup i got that feeling also, she does however reply normally within 48hrs or less

Offline Horny ram

Do we know when she will be moving to Nottingham?
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