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Author Topic: Sexyredheadxx Glasgow.  (Read 1492 times)

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Offline the fitter


              Met Claire at her apartment up the top end of the town. what a pleasant surprise when she opened the door (lovely). Dressed in stockings and suspenders, and very high heels, what a lovely sight.Got undressed and sat down on the couch, while she walked up and down, s
he was body perfect, except for the tattoo's, but to me that was a minor detail, I am sure some people would like them.
              She then invited me into the bedroom to get started, when walking behind her, she was towering above me, and seemed a bit unstable on those heels. When we got to the bedroom she asked how I would like her, I told her to bend over the bed for doggy, I slipped her pants off ready to go, but found her too high with the heels on, so asked her to kneel on the bed. After round one, we wen't back to the couch and started discussing round two. I asked her to strip naked and walk up and down just in heels, to get me going again.
               Once I was ready, we wen't back to the bedroom, where I asked her to lay on her back, with her head hanging over the end, for a bit of face fkn. this she done willingly, and I wen't ball's deep and started, she chocked a few times, and I asked if she was OK, she motioned everything alright, when I was cumming, I wen't as deep as I could, and stopped, and stayed there for awhile, when I pulled out, she got up and smiled, and had obviously swallowed the lot. The best bit of face fkn I've done for a while.

                GREAT  :rolleyes: Just a bit expensive.

6 review(s) found for sexyredheadxx linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline JazzMan

Good review.
Dress Size: 10
Height:   5'10"
Is too big for a wee guy like me.
Specially if she wearing heals.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline mr small

I'm only 5'5 at best and I had a good time with no height issues  :wacko:

£100 for 30mins....that's steep  :dash:

£100 for 30mins....that's steep  :dash:
Seems like my type, however, too much for my punting pocket. :thumbsdown:

Offline the fitter

Forgot to say I had an hour, but then I need an hour for two go's :rolleyes:

Offline seeker

Nice review Mr Small  :thumbsup:
Think I'll  pay sexyRed a visit  :cool:
And have me some FUN. :dance:

Offline seeker

But at that price
100hh :scare: :scare:
Maybe not  :thumbsdown:

Offline bensonhedges20

She went from 120 to 150  in the space of a week.

Did try to book her but she finished early that day and the following week but was unavailable at a decent time. Now on vacation
Banning reason: Troll

Offline mr small

she was £150 hour originally and only dropped to £120 hour for one week, which was a few days after I commented that I wouldn't take a chance on an unknown at that rate  :D

Well after me having to cancel Rachel yesterday looked at AW for something different and saw this profile....after some research she def was one to go and see...

And with her offering 30min punts this week for £80hh I took the plunge....

Met early today in a city centre apartment, this girl is Tall and has a great body with legs ass and tits that were made for sex..... She is one hell of a sexy hot scottish girl.....

I will get a review up soon but highly recommended.....the scene in Glasgow is shit and this girl is one to watch as she will do well.

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