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Author Topic: Meandering-Maya - Old Street  (Read 3717 times)

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August 2015.

https://www.adultwork.com/2607356 or https://www.adultwork.com/meandering%2Dmaya


None of the girls on my AW hotlist were available, so I did a search, with the only prerequisite being that the girl is British.  After only a few minutes, I found Maya's fun profile.  I hadn't seen an Asian girl in over 5 years, so I quickly fired off a message, which was promptly answered. 

I organised a lunch time meeting for later that week on the day of the tube strike, I knew I'd have no problem getting into work but I didn't count on my work colleagues all blowing out, leaving me with no chance of getting away.  I cancelled the meeting 2 hours before time, which Maya cheerfully accepted and booked her for a mid-afternoon rendezvous, the very next day.

I asked Maya for her post code but she told me to go to Exit 4 of Old Street Underground Station and then call her as she is only a minute away.  I don't usually like this arrangement but because of my earlier cancellation, I decided to go through with it.  I got there early, found a pub for a naughty pint and texted her 10 minutes before start time, she quickly replied - she is 1 minute from the station!

Modern Flat was on a very discrete road, just off of the main one.  I was quickly buzzed in and then let into her flat.

Maya has a very pretty face, lovely big brown eyes and a smile that lights up her face.  She is quite small, fuller figured and has a lovely round arse.  Maya was wearing a short, tight mini dress(which accentuated her bum) with a zip down the middle - half way done, showing off ample cleavage(no bra)!

I was led to a small bedroom with a low double bed that takes up most of the room.  I plonked myself on the bed, whilst Maya fixed me a drink - she has quite the drink collection, so I settled for a G&T.  Maya sat next to me and we got to know each other.  I could see up her a dress and noticed she wasn't wearing any panties..., time for a quick shower(en suite)!

Back on the bed, we began to snog - deep with lots of tongue.  Maya rolled onto me, so I took advantage of this by grabbing handfuls of her bum and then working my hands up her inner-thigh.  We rolled over again, so that Maya was now on her back, giving me the opportunity to totally unzip her dress.  As always, I took the time to admire her nakedness, especially enjoying the view of her hairy pussy.  Enough inspecting, I cupped both boobs with my hands and got back down to some more kissing.  Eventually moving my mouth slowly down her body until I got to her pussy, which was hairy but trimmed at the lips.  Maya was already quite wet by the time I got down there, which encouraged me to lick her all the more.

On with the condom, Hands cupping breasts again, back down for more kissing again, we fucked in MISH.  Followed by cowgirl, whereupon I sat up, Maya wrapped her legs around me and we sort of rocked backwards and forwards whilst I was inside her, holding her bum and kissing deeply.

We then moved to the edge of the bed where I remained seated, Maya turned around(so that her butt was facing me) and sat on my cock.  We then swapped places with Maya kneeling on the bed and me standing on the floor, for an elevated session of Doggy.  I don't usually last long in this position and this day was no different, I told Maya I was about to cum and she spun around with her willing mouth open, I shot my load all over her face and tongue.

I found Maya very attractive, she's fun to talk to and even more fun to fuck.  Great kisser, open to most things and not a clock watcher.

I'm looking forward to my next jaunt to Old Street!

2 review(s) found for mayahauteboheme linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline XXL9X

Maya is awesome, very pretty face and fucking hot body! She kept my cock rock hard for the whole hour.

Highly recommended!
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (XXL9X, random69, master69, Mr.A69)

XXL9X, It would be great if you could write a proper review of your experience with Maya.
The link to her personal website listed by, jimmypoo appears to be dead now, but this one is currently active:


I would take anything XXL9X says with a grain of salt. He only posted here after another member pointed out all his other posts were touting for the same venue

Thanks for that information HighlyMotivated. Good to know.

Offline SLF1963

Hi mate,

was about to have only my 2nd punt, 5 years since last time. Funnily enough Maya, was the one I was thinking of. She appears a fun gal,
however maybe because first punt was so/so wanted to be sure. She seems fun, however, have noticed she does not seem to be around as
much since she moved, would you say she would be good for novice punt..............not a novice in age mind  :blush:.
Also was she alone or were there a few girls working, after reading the horror stories on here, getting a bit nervy what I am walking into.

Take care and  hope you can reply.

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