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Author Topic: East Mids Punter Profiles on Adultwork  (Read 908 times)

Offline CoolTiger

Following on from a recent thread, I though I'd start a thread which lists feedbacks that WGs have received from East Mids Punters who appear to be genuine.....

Please add on if you come across more, or if you have a query concerning a feedback from an AW punter.

Will dig out "seamed stockings" when I get a chance. His reports are always a good laugh to read.

Quite often, when there is no feedback on UKP threads on a specific profile, some members are tempted to TOFTT. However rather
than rushing in completely blindly, we could build a list of profiles where the girls have received feedback from punters who appear
to be genuine as they have seen loads of other East Mids based escorts over the years.

Here's for a starter....

The Celt. Has a FB of 63, the oldest from Oct-2010:


Ray-1. Also has a FB of 63 but has only been around for a year. that's over 1 escort seen each week.

Offline CoolTiger

This guy (AW profile name Seamed Stockings) is well known in the Midlands for liking a bit of pain. I know a couple of girls who have seen him and who were seriously concerned about doing him some permanent damage. Here is a cut and paste from one of his FR's from this profile...    https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1556998

Katie is first of all a very friendly lady who wants to please. She dresses exactly to your requirements and wants you to have the perfect experience with her. It's therefore fantastic that she can instantly turn into a 'nasty ball kicking bitch' at the drop of a hat to satisfy the 'Dom' fantasy so perfectly.
Once into roleplay Katie immediately took control of our situation and her first accurate hard kick into my vulnerable (but eagerly awaiying) balls was perfectly delivered. Several more hard kicks followed and it wasn't at all long till I was sucking air and grunting in pain. Katie knew however not to stop there and continued her savage barrage of well aimed hard kicks till I sank to the ground clutching my balls in some considerable pain.
This was her moment to trample my balls and spike them hard with her stiletto heels. Still in roleplay this was seriously scary...............mmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
Hauled back to my feet, Katie delivered another bout of hard kicks which indeed did leave me on my knees, begging for mercy and giving her the 'extra money'.
Kicking over (and with bruised swelling balls) Katie then showed her softer side and delivered the most fantastic stockinged foot footjob. Here she was clearly no novice and her gorgeous black seamed stockinged feet milked me far too quickly.
Thanks Katie you were WONDERFUL xx

Seamed Stockings: x286 feedbacks, can't tell when he joined as profile shows onlt the last 100 fb's.


1 review(s) found for kutiekatie68 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


How do you find the feedback for aw members

Offline j122

When looking at escort feedback click the number in brackets next to a punters user ID

Offline CoolTiger

When you normally click on a WGs feedback, it lists all the punters who have left her feedback.

However, some girls use fake/flase feedback by creating punter usernames and leaving themselves fake ffedback.

In order to find out if these feedbacks are genuine, you need to click some of those punters names, in order to then find out
which WGs have in turn left them feedback.

All the above goes out the window if the punter decides not to show/display the feedback that he has received from WGs.

If you find a variety of WGs whom you have heard of, or better still, whom you have seen, then it makes his feedback more genuine
than seeing another punter with high feedbacks, but from escorts who have long disappered or escorts who in turn only have 1 or 2
feedbacks themselves.

Offline j122

Mark Black




I also browse RB for the area and see if any pop up frequently, though I've not used them for a premise of a punt yet...



I did know how to get the feedback, but was being dumb when it came to displaying the whole list.


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