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Author Topic: horny wet devil, (Sabrina) Wolverhampton  (Read 1038 times)

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This is my first review and really its to warn others of this girl's rip off tactics and bad attitude. Been punting for a while and not had a bad experience so far,thanks mainly to this forum, but when it goes badly it certainly motivates you to write your experience to warn others. This punt was out of my usual area and so was spur of the moment after reading her AW feedback and unable to find anything bad about her elsewhere .   Not the best way to do things and lesson learned. This girl , Sabrina as she calls herself is English and operates on the Penn road side of Wolverhapton and I met her last Friday at short notice. Comms were good and I duly met her at a decent looking house just outside of Wolverhampton on the Penn Road. All looked to be fine and was greeted by the girl on the AW profile. I asked to stay for 1 hour which was agreed and money was handed over. Things started well and she soon had me on the bed with oral and then she fucked me on top which was good. When this finished she duly announced it was only one cum in the hour.....Eh Sorry? Yes one cum! This was not stated on her profile anywhere and I complained that this was not usual for 1 hours bookings. She was adamant  it was correct so I said if I had known that I would have booked only a half hour and I wanted a refund for the second half an hour, which was predictably rejected by her. So I said I would stay untill the hour was up (just to piss her off). This was only 20 minutes after I got there so it was going to be a long wait . I think she may of had another punter coming soon and wanted rid of me quick, I dont know.  Anyway she proceeded to get dressed and then started to answer some texts. I asked if we could do something else to fill the time she then got very agitated and exclaimed that she very tired and busy and  had just sent a text meant for a punter to her mother or someone in her family and then blamed me for it. Anyway after another 10 minutes I though fuck this Im going and left without a word.

So whilst the service I did received was OK while it lasted I was left very short changed. Now I can understand she may have made a mistake with her timings or had a shitty day but she has been working for 3 years or more so should be able to deal with this in a more professional manner and also being english there's no room for misunderstandings either way. All in all very bad service so you would do well to avoid or to verify exactly what you get for your money before handing over your hard earned (or easily earned in her case) . But as there's plenty of other fish in the sea why bother with her at all?   



1 review(s) found for lady charlotte rose linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Jay13572

I saw a few years ago in dudley same would not go back

Offline getonit

So I said I would stay untill the hour was up (just to piss her off). This was only 20 minutes after I got there so it was going to be a long wait

I would have got one of her dildo's and rogered her with it for the remaining 40 minutes  :sarcastic:

Offline Simon S

You can still put a retrospective booking through and even if she doesn't accept you can leave feedback only but can't give a rating.
Banning reason: Pestering admin + Making accusations against admin

Offline paul_davis

Did she used to be by Burnt Tree?

Offline Jay13572

No by Woodside onway to brierley hill

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