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Author Topic: Worcestershire anyone ???  (Read 1211 times)

Hey all,

Recently moved to Upton upon Severn from Walsall to find punting around here is non-existing , help from a few locals would be great.

Don't mind a bit of travelling if its just right :)

What's your preferences, I'm in Gloucestershire but have had a few outcalls from Worcestershire.

I like a bit of everything to be honest , I'm used to having a pick of everything lol

Hi there,

I would definitely recommend Patricia B who's office is based in Northfield Street in Worcester which is not far from the RGS school.
If you have a look at my reviews you will see her link on there.
She is probably the most cock hungry girl that have been with and does a lot to please you again and again.....
She is from Prague but her English is good but to be honest you do really get the feeling that she doesn't really want to chat and just wants to fuck.
She is really good looking too :-)
I am sure a certain someone else on here will back up my comments too as he is very pro Pat B....
That is of course if you would like to travel to Worcester.

If it is a massage and HE that you are looking for then again Worcester I am afraid Christina is the one for me who will be packing her bags for Studley soon.

Wherever you go please do leave some feedback so we can all benefit from it..

PS: If you are looking further afield at Droitwich area, do not go to YummyEmma as she is just not good.



Good luck with punting in Worcestershire especially out in the sticks where you are.  Diamonddd is near your way and would be ok for some quick fun.  Or take your chances with the traveling romanians or girls on tours in the city.  may be ok for a pump and dump with yummy emma (depending on what's distracting her on the tv) but if you have traveled to droitwich take the hit and travel into brum where there are better pickings.  maybe look at the Cheltenham area/Gloucestershire


where is Diamond ? do you have a link ?

she any good ? I like her private photos , I love a good milf

Offline vision2014

Hi \rich

DD is recommended  I ve seen her around in town etc very sexy great tits and seen some clips on the internet too
she is on my to do list too

yummy emma   AVOID

chelt waste of time you get better value in brum and cheaper 

Glous is like bait and switch  + ful of EE girls

I live just outside worc its worth the travel to brum really

Offline Dodo

I like a bit of everything to be honest , I'm used to having a pick of everything lol
You could try Busty Emma. Big girl, pretty face, good price but she does get really into GFE and has a good orgasm.
As I said pretty face, nice to talk to but she is big
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If you head down M5 Amy https://www.adultwork.com/1754762  is good reliable and enthusiastic in Cheltenham and Busty Sophie in Gloucester is a lot of fun but is away at the moment unfortunately https://www.adultwork.com/2775237

16 review(s) found for Sweet-Amy linked to in above post (15 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)
14 review(s) found for Busty Sophie x linked to in above post (12 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

yea I saw Busty emma a couple of times at the start of the year when I first started working in the area , was very impressed & a lovely girl.

busty sophie looks amazing , them tits are stunning , defo one on the list to see

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