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Author Topic: A steady Saturday evening punt  (Read 259 times)

Offline Tom5334

Ive been out of the punting loop for a couple of months, mainly due to becoming a bit punt weary and spending my money on my other hobby!

I dipped my toe back in last week but walked, typical Romanian scammer and I should have known better, but at least kept my coin in my pocket.

I'm in London working next weekend so I'm after advice on a solid, reliable punt. Preferably PSE up to a maximum of £170ph incall. I'll be staying in the W2 area so closer the better, I know I'm bang centre of punting central!

My other alternative is a vanilla punt with Sweet Maria, she ticks all the boxes looks/body wise and seems a safe bet to help get my punting mojo back.

As you can see by my reviews I've seen a few of the known girls so looking for any advice on a decent punt without breaking the bank!

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