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Author Topic: PornoStar Maggie Reading  (Read 1238 times)

Offline Sub_tone


Anyone had the pleasure of this lady yet? Seems genuine but would like a second opinion.

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Offline Spunky34

Offers bareback - no interest in seeing her.

Offline acnelanka

Most of the reviews are fake. not the same girl as in pictures. Its a Romanian brothel in Reading, where they rotate girls everyday. Hard to get a good one. If you look at who has put reviews, you can see same person has put reviews for the other girls who they pimped. They have around 10 profiles. Search for girls within 5 miles from RG1 and whole lot are managed by pimps.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline royal_male

do you think the same things hapens with the polish women?? i did notice that the reviews were by the same person sometimes and that guy was punting way too frequently.

That guy was punting way too frequently.
How much i to much ?  I always think never enough !

Offline royal_male

lol.. i agree, but this guy feedback trail was a bit dodgy.

lol.. i agree, but this guy feedback trail was a bit dodgy.
Was his feedback all for one nationality if so that looks suspicious ?  If it ids a mix like mine then he enjoys his punting !

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