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Author Topic: Prostitution: What's the Harm? BBC Three 9pm Tonight  (Read 1304 times)

Bille JD Porter uncovers the human face of prostitution, talking to the young people who pay for sex and sell their bodies.

Offline webpunter

Was just about to do a thread & you've saved me the trouble.  What's the harm ?
1/ a schoolboy error in pre punting preparation & planning [the 4P's] made it easy for the OH to catch me out.  Left directions in jacket top pocket.  Over-fucking-night   :scare:  Heart missed a beat or five when putting this on in the morning & realizing.  Got lucky - TFFT !
2/ opening HP's AW links when eating food  :lol:

Offline berksboy

  well i would give Bille JD Porter one !

Offline webpunter

  well i would give Bille JD Porter one !
Me too - she just needs to get her teeth done.  I reckon 120/hr at the mo
Bet the blokes being interviewed in Prague are now thinking WTF  :yahoo:

I'm sure that guy she just spoke to on the street has done some TV work, can't place him, sure he's done a few things?

Anyone seen the featured girl Charlotte? She was on tour in Cardiff Last December

Offline webpunter

Miss LK's rates will be heading north.  Onto HL.  But will wait a while for the stampede to die down

Online Redevil86

Have sky + d it , had to turn over a few times. When wife was about , paranoid , but it did look a good documentary unlike that heap of shite c4 puked out recently ( think it was c4 ) that bird makes some serious enough money, wounder if she'll do Cardiff again, she's a celebrity now !

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