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Author Topic: Horny housewives (Coventry)  (Read 804 times)

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Offline MickyB

www.adultwork.com/2553090 or https://www.adultwork.com/horny+housewives

So I looked at this profile and thought the girl in the pictures looked hot so I rang to make a booking.rang and greeted by a gravelly voiced woman..I asked for a breakdown of prices and I was quoted as follows
£40 15 min quickie which is just sex
£50 sex and covered oral
£60 sex and OWO
£70 sex (cum twice) and OWO

Decided to go along and decide when I get there.

I was greeted by petit pretty British girl called Chelsea who works from the premises 6  Loundon Avenue in coundon. She led me upstairs to discussed prices..
When I suggested I might try the 15 min quickie ...she seemed agitated and said well your gonna be in n out.Why not go for my £60 special where you get a bit of everything...bit the bullet and gave £60
Her oral skills were a little laboured used her hand more than her mouth..oral without went on for 10 mins where I was sucking her nipples and fingering her which she allowed.My cock was switching from semi hard to hard because oral was bit robotic when I was hard I decided let's have sex to which she said ..What??? It's oral without and handjob for£60 ....it's an extra tenner for sex!!!
This pissed me off and I tried to explain what I was told she was having none of it and said "well when you come next time you'll know!!!! Cheeky fucking bitch!!!
I couldn't get hard at all after that I just got dressed and left ...
Got ripped off!!

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Offline willbred

I'm certain I visited this address about 5 years ago from an ad in the Telegraph when I was told Chelsea, a 22 year old girl ( then!!!) would look after me. When I arrived ( you enter from the rear, so to speak  :D) some old boiler says it's her or nothing.......walkies     :dash: :dash:
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (willbred, Diplomat65)

Offline MickyB

Thanks for the feedback...thinking about it now she did look older than 22  :dash:
I should've learnt from the fact that there was no feedback on the profile ..
Would welcome more comments and advice

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