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Author Topic: Myla.S - Never showed  (Read 512 times)

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Offline Pace10

https://www.adultwork.com/3017188 or https://www.adultwork.com/Myla%2ES

Myla bid on a reverse booking of mine this weekend and I ended up picking her after several exchanged emails. It was supposed to be 3 hours outcall in Birmingham. She replied quick to all my emails so comms at that point were great.

On the day I texted her to ask if she were on time for out meeting a few hours ahead but I didn't get a reply for an hour so I called her. Got a text back straight after my call saying she was on the highway driving to Birmingham (she told me the day before she was in Manchester and would be driving down on the day). I got a bad feeling when she didn't reply to my first text and only replied to my call with a text but we swapped 2-3 texts and I thought we'll see when the time comes.

Not surprisingly I didn't hear anything when we were supposed to meet and her phone was switched off. Also tried to email on AW but no reply. Still haven't heard from her even though I can see all my emails have been read.

Pretty freaking annoying as the RB disappears after accepting a bid, and even though I had the contact details for a couple of the other girls bidding, no one were available at such short notice.

I know some people on here feel negative reviews should only be posted with girls actually met, but I definitely think this deserves a negative for all the time she wasted and me waiting in my hotel room like a wanker.

Sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

6 review(s) found for Myla.S linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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