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Author Topic: Bryony Allure Escorts  (Read 854 times)

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Offline chriss1985

Woke up with the horn, a day off work and a fat wallet thanks to the gee-gees this weekend so decided to give Allure a chance. I narrowed it down to Bryony, Sarah Jane and Lydia. Bryony was free from 12pm incall in Wallsend so got ready and headed over.

Nice house in wallsend, no idea what closest metro is as I drove but  nice and discreet.

I've never posted a neutral or negative review having seen the E.L.K.S and Tori Taylor and Jasmine Kisses I have either set my sights too high or it's all downhill from here.

Facially.....now she is pretty dont get me wrong but those photos are slightly out of date and I very nearly turned tail and walked out but thought I'm here let's get on with it. She's probably late 20's, nice figure and dark hair but for some reason we just didn't click.

I feel she felt the same as there was little to no enthusiasm I'm afraid. Everyone has an off day but it was so stilted and akward....one kiss where she remarked she was wearing lipstick so no kissing (?!), absolutely no GFE whatsoever.

OWO was good to be fair and nice handjob technique but after the inital kissing awkwardness I wasnt feeling it. She kept her underwear on untiil the very last minute as well. I went on top as her knee was sore but it all felt mechanical. No kissing during sex where say, for example, TT will suck your face off, it all paled into comparison and I shot my bolt, got dressed and the final nail in the coffin was not even a kiss or cuddle at the door.

It's not a negative as some aspects were great I just drove away feeling very let down considering in past punts I've left walking on air.

I would not go back.
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Offline johnny34

Thanks for the review chriss. No kissing, little or no enthusiasm & a bit mechanical sounds like a poor booking & a no from me. As you would not go back this borders on being a negative, only good owo keeps it neutral. 

Offline Mansell

Honest review and I know how you feel about setting you expectations high as have seen the same top girls and then been disappointed with anything less.

There is of course an answer, keep seeing the top girls.  :lol: :lol:

Offline Looking4fun

That doesn't sound a very good experience,I haven't seen her but have seen the other 2 ladies & would jump at the chance to see Lydia again

Offline Rod trotter

Was wanting to see her

Shes a never for me now

Why do they bother ffs
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