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Author Topic: Lovely Lush - Sheffield S5  (Read 2501 times)

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Saw the advert on Adultwork as I was in sheffield didnt read the likes on the profile as I was in a rush to find someone. Rang Lush who said she was free and offered the services I wanted. I made my way down her area which was a rough council estate I wish I had turned back around. Anyway I parked up and rang her to say I'm outside so she opened the door. She was good looking for a 30years old got my cock instantly hard. Walked up to the bedroom and omg it was a mess used razors everywhere. She requested the money and then shocked me by saying I can do bareback for £10 extra I couldnt go now as I was rock hard and there was no other escort in the area that I could visit. So I asked I would just like a BJ OWO. I removed my clothes and and she started sucking and my god it was the worst bj in my life. Basically touching the tip of my dick and stroking it. I was painful which I told her but the answer I got was she is how I do it. I couldn't cum so then she gets some lub and gave me a handjob and I ejaculated creating a mess. Requested tissues and the answer was I dont have any you didnt gave me enough notice to buy them. Like wtf I would expect her to have tissues so I could clean myself up so I run into the bathroom and wash my self. The bathroom was soo dirty it made me sick mold everywhere. As I still had plenty of time left of my booking I asked for a massage in which suprislingly the answer was I domt do them but I wil give you it. So after a 2 mins massage I gave up. This was the worst experience I have ever had and dont want to punt again as its put me off. But then again it was my fault as I now clearly see on her profile like she offers bareback.


1 review(s) found for lovely lush linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline NIK

Usual lying bollocks feedback and useless photos. Also I believe S5 contains some of Sheffield's roughest areas.

Your experience perhaps shouldn't be therefore that surprising.

Offline Lijunwei

At the rates she charges alarm
Bella must have been ringing hard!!! And as for bareback and having a hard on and not being able to leave LOL

Has anyone else seen her? hadnt seen this so had an incall at her house as she was the only person i could get through to at the time and not to far away. Started off ok, nice looking and friendly, but completely rushed the service which was meant to be half an hour and demanded 20 extra for CIM without mentioning this before and told me her 'secretary' was in the room next door.  :scare:

Her cunt looks a bit shrivveled up and aged.

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