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Author Topic: sexislutnyx Birmingham - the dangers of a Sunday punt  (Read 1661 times)

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Offline Chuckman

https://www.adultwork.com/1651115 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexislutnyx

One hour (!) £100

Ah Sunday, the twilight day of punting. There is a good reason little is written about punting on this day. This is due to there being little of note to write about. Most WGs are off leaving you with the Romanians and other such highly thought of escorts.

Due to me not cracking one off on Friday I left myself in a position of needing a shag today. Since my A and B plans were unsurprisingly not available it left me in a position to see this absolute stunner.

  6/10. Quick enough. Within an hour and a half of texting her a one hour booking was made. Asked for strapon, GFE, smoking fetish and her to wear stockings and a basque. She couldn't do the smoking fetish inside her house but could do the rest.

Locatopn: 6/10. Harvington Road Selly Oak. Her place was a side entrance down one of the houses. The area is not the best but did not have any qualms about leaving my car there. Inside the house the rooms that caught my was one containing an impressive amount of costumes and shoes. The bedroom which was converted into a mini dungeon complete with a large amount of whips, paddles, toys, chains and also a cage. She certainly knows to make the best use of a space.

Who: 6/10. Sexislutnyx does have a very good figure and a lovely arse. Claiming she's 43 is way off the mark, ten years can easily be added onto that figure. She kind of reminds me of an older version of Jenny Eclair. Her profile photos aren't representative of her as she's lost a lot of weight since then. The rest of the photos are more or less a representation of her and her place.

Services: 2/10. At she she wore the stockings and the basque. No kissing as that's a personal thing, and no strapon. After being wiped down with a wet wipe as she doesn't want to potentially taste any pee OWO commenced. She didn't go very deep as I was too big and she has a very tight mouth. :rolleyes: What there was of it was nothing special and at times next to nothing.

Then it was on with the condom for doggy. It took a few attempts before she was comfortable with me inside her. She is tight and I soon climaxed. At no time during this were the glasses and corset removed. After cleaning up and relaxing for a while I asked about round two and was told it was a one shot deal. This left 35 minutes and so had a poor quality cup of tea and watched The Chaser for a bit before giving up on the tea and the punt and going home.

Attitude: 4/10: Friendly and chatty but unenthusiastic about it all like she was going through her spiel. Never felt that welcomed and that I was just a way of getting some pin money before the end of the week.

Conclusion: An old skool style punt. While it is nice to reminisce about what it was like back then and how it compares to now things have moved on since then and happily so.

1 review(s) found for sexislutnyx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline tintin054

A one shot deal when you are paying £100 for an hour.  :thumbsdown:   :dash:

Offline Chuckman

A one shot deal when you are paying £100 for an hour.  :thumbsdown:   :dash:

Oh yes.  :(

Makes you appreciate even more how far we've come.

Thanks for the review - what a shame; she's been on my 'if I ever get to Birmingham" list. Shows the value of UKP.

I (still) rather like her cute but damaged and dirty look.

Totally agree

I feel for it 3 times.

1st time no strap on
2nd time she was so drunk I felt sorry for her
3rd time she was not interested at all.

So from me 3 strikes and she's out for good.

Offline P.O.G

Thanks for your review. Her services must have dropped significantly by the sounds of things. Saw her about 5 years ago in Weoly Castle and the service was pretty good. And had a threesome with her and her friend lewench. She's clearly getting on now

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