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Author Topic: Has anybody Seen?  (Read 3053 times)

Offline westbay_abaco

So thoughtful of you to join just to vouch for FJ.  I am sure that reassures the rest of us.  Well done, most comforting.
Banning reason: Protecting criminal prossie

Online alfie2013

Well I can vouch for her too, lovely lass wants you to enjoy the experience.

I worked as Rio for diamonds of Newcastle 3 years ago

In that case, "Hello again".  Seems we've met before when you were Rio. 

Offline Uniformad

Anyone describe what her face is like ? Love to give a pretty girl a prezzie

Offline westbay_abaco

Banning reason: Protecting criminal prossie

Offline toon972

I am sure I was Rios first customer for Diamonds.

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