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Author Topic: Essex, Southend on Sea. SEXXY ISABELL 69  (Read 630 times)

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Found my self in Southend in the morning so thought I'd try someone new.SEXXY ISABELL 69


she had reasonable photos. young and slim so I phoned. confirmed she likes Anal and showers together and booked 1/2 hour. Found the address and she opened the door. Wow... part shaven head, ring through both cheeks ( freshly done judging by the dry puss on her cheeks). I entered the ground floor flat and was shown into a tiny room. "well I'm here now" I thought. When she put her Iphone down I paid the money and asked for the shower. told her to join me in a couple of minutes. shower had no towels or gel on hair conditioner. I called her and she came back with her iphone and  fully clothed.she gave a tut when I said it was her turn. she left and return. Wow.....what a lot of tatoos you have! In she got. I use the conditioner to clean her as best i could. totally disinterested. I sucked her tiny nips but the stubble put me off. Cleaned her pussy and rubbed her tiny bum asked about the Anal but she then said no she didn't.  got out and went to the bedroom.

once she had finished chatting on her iphone she asked if i wanted owo. I said yes. It was an ok BJ but her 1" pointed nails was a bit off putting as was looking at the half of her head that was shaven. I was getting close so i said I wanted to fuck her now. she laid back and I stuck it in. pretty boring sack of spuds. I thought I would blow early and cum again later so I told her that. She looked really confused like it was the weirdest thing she'd heard of. She lay there still and silent and I began to get a bit bored so decided to blow then and there. pulled out and cleaned myself ready for some more action but she got straight on the fucking iphone again.
The more i looked at her and listened to her stupid conversation with whoever the more I wanted to get out. So got dressed and left asap. Hardly the porn star she says she is on her webpage!

Never again. Next time i will be using the booking form on adultwork as this one only wanted to book by phone...lesson learned.

3 review(s) found for SEXXY ISABELL 69 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Read another post on GIULY GFE XXX. Isabell told me there were 4 others in the flat!

Offline ramrodronnie

Yeah, lesson learned funuearhole, it does sound Very similar to the girl that I saw. I actually booked her through the AW booking system, but she didn't confirm?? It definitely looks like there are a few of them who are probably working in shifts, baiting and switching. Like you funuearhole, I won't be going back NO Way!!

I could only feedback, by leaving a feedback comment on this Guily's profile. sufficed to say I wrote "Negative" didn't provide services that she offers, she responded by saying that I booked to see her at 8.30pm, and I had turned up at 7.50pm, and so I chose to see her gf???? Bollocks, I arranged with her to be there at 8pm, I arrived and phoned her from my car, got voicemail, so I sent a text saying that I know I'm a little early. I'll wait in my car until you're ready, she asked me to give her a few minutes to prepare herself, I actually got to her door just a couple of minutes early. She's just a lying bitch mate. Lies, and bait and switch. Sufficed to say, like you, I posted a Negative.
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