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Author Topic: Anyone seen this one? sexyblackass69 on AdultWork  (Read 581 times)

Offline Slaine


Looking at the photos she look amazing, look at those fukin nips man :yahoo:
She's got some decent feedback from seemingly experienced punters so looks like she's genuine.

Been having a bit email comms with her and seems friendly enough. She says she's only around until tomorrow (no good for me) but say's she's coming back next month.
Looking at the tour tab she's in York but when I mentioned that she said she's in Newcastle. She's down as Kenyan to maybe a mix up due to the language differences.

I hope she's legit as I sure fancy having a go at her if she is :thumbsup:

Looks pretty good to me. Bit pricey but the current special offer makes her very tempting

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