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Author Topic: Hi, new member here  (Read 545 times)

Offline ScotJack

Hi, I've been lurking for a few months now but decided it was finally time to join and participate.  Thought I'd give a wee intro first as I notice there's always a bit of suspicion when a stranger appears and starts chatting about the girls.

I'm a single guy from the Inverclyde region aged in mid 30's.  Started punting at 19 but after a few years of girls, I sort of fell out of the game.  Unfortunately it was so long ago and in "walk-up" places that I can't identify any of the girls so can't offer any reviews.  All I remember is Saskia, Shanice, Jackie Dick (who has since passed away) and an Asian girl named Sonia.

Anyway my last punt was a Japanese girl in London (bait & switch, but was actually pretty good) about 5 years ago.  Want to get back in to it as long as the girls are good enough.  Looking forward to sharing what I learn with all you fine chaps! :hi:

Offline benstokes

welcome to punterland. sure the gifted writers shall be more than willing to assist in your quest for affordable fanny.   :wackogirl:

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