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Author Topic: Stunning Black girl (but crap reviews)  (Read 1249 times)

Offline aanimator


Stunning, but the rating reviews make her look pretty suspect

3 review(s) found for E r i c a R o y a l$ linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline yumyum3

Indeed. Fucking ridiculous prices too  :thumbsdown:

Offline pumps

This pic doesn't help her. Also some photoshopped pics too.

Smh...she's a fucking hood rat -typical of what you see in Lewsham -
I wouldn't even take her to my local McDonald's ...just give her a bag of £10 weed and she will suck your dick

Offline KentAde

Nice pussy though looking at the pic on the Profile...  :thumbsup:

I actually think she is really hot... but I have a bit of a thing for black girls.  :lol:
Would love to know if she is worth the money. Hm.

Offline yumyum3

Would love to know if she is worth the money. Hm.
Take one for the team, then. I'll bet your money will be wasted.

Take one for the team, then. I'll bet your money will be wasted.

Will try to set something up in the next few days and report back in case it goes through.  ;)

She's gorgeous but good black girls are v.rare in my experience. Far too risky. Her feedback is less than reassuring.

Offline asukubello

Don't bother with her.Emailed her for a booking and got her number. Called her and she sounds as sweet and young. Discussed and made a 2 hour booking for a few days in advance. Followed up on AW as well. She messaged me on WhatsApp a day before to confirm address which I provided. Conversation was smooth. On the day I called her (as agreed) in the morning and she confirmed appointment for 1pm. Asked her to let me know when she was leaving hers. Well, she didn't and stopped responding to whataspp messages and calls. 2 hours after apointment she messaged saying sorry she had gone shopping lol. Ok agreed for 5pm same 2 hour appointment but got to time and was diasapointed again. Next day she sent another message saying she couldn't make it because my location was "too far"!
She is hot, but not worth the hassle. Her feedback is a just a reflection of her

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