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Author Topic: What will,,,,,,,,,  (Read 2438 times)

Tony Montana

I almost let slip last night when I saw a girl on tv who I had spent an enjoyable hour with. That would have required some serious explaining  :scare:

Offline adindas

It's strange.

A lot of wives lose interest in sex, especially after the children come, so they don't have sex with their husbands anymore but then they don't want their husbands to have sex with anyone else either.

Women's logic, eh?

People could use this for justification to have sex with WGs and in return people could ask their wives. partners, gf  to have fun or sleep with whoever he want to, ask her to join swinger or sex party,  ....

If there is an official vote I will vote for this .... Hopefully this practice will be more acceptable in the modern society in the future.
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Offline ParisB

If  you really want to know the anwser  (and are bored) then nip over to mumsnet  go to the relationships board and put in the words prostitution or  prostitute in the seach section

if you really want a laugh   (or not )  put in the word adultwork and see how many men get caught out by there wives checking there bank statements 
       The Boden Massive  on mumsnet  ( as i call them ) are very creative and vocal on what they would do if they caught there husband or partners paying for sex

,,,,,,, your wife do if she ever finds out about your hobby?

Cry? Scream? Shout? Blame herself? Blame you? Threaten to kill herself or you? Go to her mothers? Leave for good?

Fill the children's heads with hate for you?

Or will it be the worst case scenario that she divorces you and gets the house and the bank account and the car and the pension and the children and leave you with just the clothes you're in?

How will your wife react?

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