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Author Topic: slim jae won - rude and most likely shows in services!?  (Read 2454 times)

Offline mymikemy


Some providers are just idiots.

Texted to see what I made of this profile as the pics looked a bit too good IMHO.

Instant reply. Seemed good.

Another person must have been texting asking v similar questions because I got accused of texting from 2 numbers!!

Replied im only texting from one phone and Asked if the girl can speak English and got a reply saying "can you speak thai"

I chucckled and Replied with...I dont live in Thai.

Got another reply "fuck off wamker"

What's wrong with some people....ask a simple question and get down right rude response. Shirt temlered How can they even expect anybody to want to pay to spend time with them!!?

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Maybe she's being getting similar questions and she's getting tired of it

Offline mymikemy

That's no excuse lol.  if you put a profile on AW you should be expecting people to ask a few question's. If all you ask is are the pics real.  And can she speak English....no need to be rude!

Being short tempered isn't going to get anybody any business.

Being short tempered isn't going to get anybody any business.
To right, at work many clients ask the same thing a bit more technical than this but repetitive, that is no way to run a business.

Starve the free range rude.


Offline Vivago

Probably her maengda (Thai pimp) as it would be unusual for a young Thai girl to be needlessly rude.

Her cute verification pic would suggest that she is the same girl and if she delivers on the services that she promises, would seem to be a good find despite the hefty price tag.

Offline mymikemy

I know. If the maid (or whatever) wasn't a twat she xould be getting g alot more business.

Offline mymikemy

Seems a bit of a gamble as I reckon if she spoke English I would have had a propper answer. No English plus rude maid..big gamble

I think you may have been texting with andybigcock1 who purports to be her one feedback. All his previous 'punts' seem to have been with Thai girls with very similar profiles. He presumably runs these girls.

I have seen two of these girls, ie the group with very similar profiles that wax and wanes on AW.  Gucci and Tia and they were both excellent although it does seem a bit hit and miss.  However I reckon I will TOFTT on Monday with Jae Won as she is so fucking cute in her veri pic!! 

I'll try and get a good confirmation of all her services when I actually see her and if its a bit bullshity I can always walk, plenty of good whores in that bit of London, report of my success or failure to follow  :P

Offline SWLondon

Wow. 100% my type. I wait your review, if you don't I might see her Tuesday / Wednesday anyway

Offline Essex3

Wow! The best oriental girl I have seen on AW if she's real.

Offline collector

Sent a text to https://www.adultwork.com/3109131 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cute+Korean+Yong%2DHae.
I wanted to TOFTT this afternoon but she is available only at 9pm. She proposed her friend giving me her name profile. Looked really good, even better than Yong Hae so I said I wanted to see her.
After reading profile properly, I found they both provide bare cock rubbing. Asked confirmation of this service, positive reply so I changed my mind.

My advise is AVOID.

Saw slim jae won today - it is indeed the girl from the verification photo. :thumbsup:
She seemed very inexperienced/shy though and has a boob job, which might put some people off. :thumbsdown:
Will probably write a whole review for her sometime and rate her neutral.
There was no bare cock rubbing - but then again, I did no ask for that, of course.

Offline SWLondon

That's disappointing to hear. I'll look forward to a full review

Offline Rick2468

I messaged her over adultwork about meeting today and got a response saying please text me. Worried she might kick off if I did that

Offline collector

Bare cock rubbing is now delated from their profiles. Is the pimp maybe reading this?
Waiting for duskwalker review too.

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