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This was a half-hour incall, costing £50.00.


Excellent. I rang the agency on Saturday the 8th and got through after only a couple of rings. I asked if Amber would be available on Sunday at 3:00 or 3:30 and settled on 3:30pm. As requested, I sent a text the next morning to confirm the booking and got a text straight back with the location and Post Code and a promise I would be given the address when I got there.

Not being sure how long it would take to find the place, I left early and arrived about fifteen minutes before the appointment. When the time came I sent the text and got the full address straight back.


An apartment on the Quayside. I had a few problems getting into the building, but I can’t blame Amber or the agency for that.


Amber is a very attractive woman in my opinion. She’s good looking and has a very sexy body: very fit, with nice boobs and legs; smooth unblemished skin; and a peachy bum. She has a few tattoos, one really nice one in the shape of a bow of ribbon, all tasteful and not obtrusive.


Amber is very friendly. I’m quite a shy person, so a first meeting is always a bit awkward for me but Amber soon put me at ease. She’s quite amusing and adventurous too; we talked of spanking, although I didn’t indulge, and I think she’d go for it – within limits.

The meeting

With Amber’s help I finally got the main door open and she was there to open the door of her apartment as soon as I knocked. She let me in with a smile and a very nice kiss; plenty of tongue but not too much either way.

After handing over the money we had a little chat with more kissing, while I got undressed. Amber was dressed as I had asked; a dress and a thong but no bra. We sat on the bed for another little chat and more kissing and then off came the dress, then her thong.

As she lay back I knelt between her thighs and got to work with my tongue. We then got into a sixty-nine so we could pleasure each other. I think she enjoyed what I was doing to her and I certainly enjoyed what she was doing to me. She is really good with her mouth and at one point I had to ask her to be careful in case I lost control

After a few minutes of that I covered up and entered her missionary style; I’d like to think she enjoyed that too, because I did. After I’d come, she helped me to clean up and we spent the last few minutes of the half hour talking again.

I didn’t feel rushed at all and it was I who asked whether the time was up. After I dressed, Amber, stark naked, led me to her door and we kissed one more time before I left.


Did I enjoy the meeting? Yes.

Was she worth the time and money? Yes.

Would I meet her again? Definitely

Would I recommend her? Most certainly.

Offline Looking4fun

She's awesome good looking, great body & brilliant skills

Yep, she's a great lady...as I found out last week.

Great review NTO4I. Its about time I tried some of the Allure talent. Nearly all good reviews. Seems like they are really keeping a tight ship in order to establish themselves,

Offline Rod trotter


One point to note is a description of a tattoo on her body may compromise the girls identity, just a thought?
Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted


One point to note is a description of a tattoo on her body may compromise the girls identity, just a thought?

Oops. Didn't think. I'll be more careful from now on.

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