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Author Topic: Acting in the punt  (Read 1036 times)

Offline collector

My thread might be boring for someone, but I will appreciate to read similar experiences from punters of different ages.

Reading some posts, most of you guys are married with a wife not sexual active or simply not anymore because age, menopause, children, work or whatever it is. Basically this is your the main reason for punting.
I can recommend the book "no more mr nice guy" by Robert Glover (guess can be easily download in PDF format for free). Interesting reading, hope it will help someone to increase the sex with your women and save some money from an obsessed punting.

I punt for completely different reasons. I am in early 30s, single, I consider myself attractive enough to shag at least avarage looking young civvies. My problem is I am too shy to make first approch in a pub or club. I have a bloody fear of rejection.
However if I meet a girl in other circustamstances, like coworkers or friends of friends, I have the problem to behave as a nice guy, it sounds good but it doesn't work with ladies.
I think everyone knows they love bad guys, the ones who don't need the girls, but the girls need them. Fucking hard to act like this, it is just matter of confidence IMO, doesn't matter how you look.

Punting allows me to jump this wall, be myself and go straight away to the final level, in excange of money of course but I am glad to live this illusion instead of a no-sex-life except increasingly rare occasions. Also I noticed punting gived to me more selfconfidence with civvies.

Therefore I was wondering if I could use the no sexual part of punting as a personal growth. I mean act as a guy with huge self confidence who can have every hot girl he wants. A good WG is often a good actress, we all know that. So why not act as they do?

Also anyone can share the behavior during punts. Do you guys act or you are simply yourself?
And also which one could be the best punting behavior to receive in exchange the best sex experience with WGs?

Lots of questions, I know, but I think it might evolve in an interesting discussion. Cheers!

Online JamesKW

I think you will find that acting the bad guy is unlikely to work,from the very many women I know in relationships very few, if any are with bad guys.I am not sure why you are having problems with civvies as most women do like the good guy.

I don't think this sort of thing would be a help in your normal life, but indulging in role-play or fantasy scenarios for their own sake, just because they are fun, can be a real thrill. I often add a little spice to a booking with a role-play - sometimes quite complex. I don't see any reason why you couldn't opt for something like this and incorporate your ideas about acting more confidently, but it really would not spill over into the real world - it's just a fantasy.

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That's the point! Civvies prefer a good guy for long relationships because he can ensure to be a good husband in future, but this behavior is not sexual attractive. I heard about dozens, where after marriege, sex was minimum.

Online JamesKW

Well it seems like you are in a difficult position,you can either spend the rest of your life with WGs and random pickups who like bad boys.Or you can take a chance on a longterm relationship and use WGs if it peters out.
In longterm relationships you may have children which can bring a great joy to your life.

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The problem maybe is just me, maybe I am attracted to the civvies who prefer bad boys :dash:

I don't like this song, I like a complete different genre but it describes perfectly that I meant:
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Offline dezzatheblue2

Why act, anyone will see straight through you,
If you act the hard man she will just feel threatened and not be comfortable with you I would think.
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Offline Quesadilla

Trying to pigeon hole women as types - ie the type who always likes a bad boy - is nonsense.  They are individuals, they are all attracted to different things about guys and most have no idea exactly what it is they are attracted to - it happens mostly unconsciously so pretending to be something you're not won't help. On the contrary most women are far more in tune with body language than guys and can tell if you're being phony.

Women are attracted to confidence - it takes confidence to be yourself.  You need to get comfortable with yourself and that means confident enough to be rejected without being fazed. Nobody likes rejection but it's not the end of the world.

Finding women who are attracted to you is a bit of a numbers game so if you aren't able to take that risk then get used to being on your own and punting.

I was very shy in my teens and early twenties,  it pissed me off so I punted until I felt more confident around women. Then I dated a few girls and met my wife. It's not rocket science.

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I can sorta see why you'd think a punt is safe environment to build up your....confidence? But, ultimately I think a punt is so riven with fakery I can't honestly see how you'd learn anything that would work in the real world. Punts are for getting your jollies without having to piss about with wooing, dating, impressing and charming a girl's knickers off so by definition they're not the vehicle to use as a training ground for picking up women.

Offline Big Cat

I think you could argue that women like bad boys when they are teens and early 20s maybe. But eventually women wisen up and look for someone who's decent, comfortable in themselves and (let's face it) financially stable. If a woman is 25+ and still looking for a "bad boy"  that's probably not the kind of girl you want anyway

Maybe you're thinking of the term "bad boy" too literally as well. I think all women want someone who is cheeky and fun and has some kind of edge to them, not necessarily a bad boy though. They don't want the total opposite of a bad boy either - a pushover, someone who can't protect or stand up for them, etc

As for acting during a punt, as said above I think you'll get best results just being yourself (the best version of yourself). Anytime you're feeling sad, happy, insecure, confident, that is all YOU, it's all the same person. So just be the most affable version of yourself. Personally I always go into punts as a "nice guy", someone who's friendly and having a good day. I think WGs (people in general?) mirror your vibe and treat you as you treat them, and like most women they can see through bullshit, so your best bet is to work yourself up to a good, confident mood pre punt and go in there as yourself... and then leave the punt in an even better mood!!
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for my reason, i think punting gives me what i cant have in my own bedroom.

not all your gf can do the same as your ex and i bloody miss some of the actions once were available to me.

i think it is also the male pride, like in the wild, male dominates and requires more than one partner.

Online Spunky34

I recognise a lot of what the OP says - early 30s, single, not totally unattractive physically, but I am terrified of rejection and so too shy to make the first approach.  Loads of female friends, but definitely fall into the 'nice guy' category.

The great thing about punting is that you can either be yourself (and probably a happy, positive version of yourself because you know what is on the way  :yahoo:  ), or you can act in a way you wouldn't normally.  Either can be fun!  Personally, I much prefer just being relaxed, not too much of a plan and see how things go, and when the WG is on the same page, I find that's generally the most fun for me. 

Has it changed the way I act outside of punting?  Well, I am probably more relaxed because I can punt for sex and don't need to risk rejection when I am out with friends or whatever, so I don't feel I am missing out on the physical side.  And it has made me think differently when I am going about my everyday life - the other day I was in a boring meeting and found myself pondering what hourly rate each of the women there could charge and what might be on the menu  :P

Offline collector

Thank you all guys for your aswers.
Great advises, no doubt about it. But this can help to find the one that can be become a wife. I have not rush at the moment about it.
But do you guys think it will work the same for casual datings or ONS?

I have also to admit that the language barrier makes everythig harder for me. I've been in London since 5 years, my english is pretty good and I can speak fluently but depends of the accent, I still find hard to understand evey single word sometimes.
That's why I also prefer not british civvies to make a conversation with, in most of the cases better looking and same english level as mine, making myself more confortable.
To mention the confident I already achieved talking with hot looking civvies, been trained by great looking WGs, I guess.

What I mean with personal growth is I want get out of my confort zone and become the better myself who already exists but hard to express because of the lack of confidence.

As Spunky34 said and totally agreed, be a nice guy with female friends, means go inside the friend zone.
They surely know he would like to shag them, but the nice guy is too polite, generous and consequently sexual harmless to take proper actions.
The bad guy simply doesn't give a fuck, he is not needy of the company of the female friends and this is what women like. They like to run after him.

Online Spunky34

My problem is I am too shy to make first approch in a pub or club. I have a bloody fear of rejection.

You said it, right here.  Getting over this problem is the thing which will be helpful for casual sex/one night stands.  Punting won't do this for you.  It is loads of fun, I would suggest you enjoy it for what it is - and do not over think it.

Offline collector

I don't know if it can help me. First approach not for sure, maybe a bit during a conversation with a hot girl.
However, I can honestly say, punting improved my lifestyle, the merit might be just because of the sex, but it did. I watch less porn, I am less tired and more happy in real life.
Before start punting I was more than one year without sex. Now I'll know for sure that my cock can still do its job the next time I will shag a civvy  :rolleyes: (again more confidence!)

Online Spunky34

However, I can honestly say, punting improved my lifestyle, the merit might be just because of the sex, but it did. I watch less porn, I am less tired and more happy in real life.

Agree 100%. 

Offline comaminion

I'm 100% myself whether that's good or bad don't know, haven't been told to fuck off yet though
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Offline Dani

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To the OP.  Women tend to find confidence in men sexually attractive as it has its own appeal. You however seem to be confusing confidence with arrogance and poor behaviour. Try building your confidence without having to put on a bad boy act. Most women when they get to around your age are so over the bad boy thing. In fact I expect the majority are over it by 25

Confidence is sexy on its own and that is why you get friend zoned. Your lack of confidence. Even though they shouldn't women do tend to wait for a man to show he is attracted first.  They may be happy to make the first move but they want to know before they do that they won't be knocked back

I don't think punting will build your confidence as deep down you know it's all an act that would not be happening if she was not paid.  There are centres all over the country that offer confidence courses that do work as I used to be painfully shy and it worked for me. It's worth a go as these courses are normally free so you have nothing to lost giving it a try

Offline comaminion

  There are centres all over the country that offer confidence courses that do work as I used to be painfully shy and it worked for me. It's worth a go as these courses are normally free so you have nothing to lost giving it a try

Free? I have a friend who done one up to yet his £900 down

From discussing it with him they plant you in room with a bunch of like minded and a couple of trained sitters who will be passive and draw conversation out of you

It's  more of a false environment than punting , in fact cult like

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Offline collector

900£, better spend that money in punts  :lol:
Anyway thanks for the advise Dani but I am not so desperate, I was not virgin before my first punt. I could be a bit shy, yes... but I had already several relationships, long and short terms.

Offline mf_1101

I won't pretend to be an expert on women but I can say, if you lack confidence in asking them out, the best strategy to improve it is to try it and fail. When I wanted to get a girlfriend I lacked confidence, I spent a long time overthinking it, but end of the day I just asked...but for me I had to wait for the signs. I read enough articles on the internet to identify trends then worked on my technique of flirting, or picking up signs and subtle hints (My favourite one "I would never date a guy more than 5 years older than me...") and then when I felt I had enough hints to be fairly confident the answer will be yes, I just popped the question. This day and age you can do it on Facebook, SMS and all sorts of things as well.

I say don't go in there blindly and ask a random within 5 seconds of meeting her unless you're exceptionally attractive or smooth (which I am neither), but don't wait too long, pick up a few signs and then GO FOR IT. When I look back, I have had a lot of missed opportunities to date, and the failure has been the same story across the board....lack of confidence when crunch time comes. I could flirt, get a positive response and not pop the question or just not have the courage to admit I want to go out with someone after taking them out for a meal.

Only way is to do it, and if you fail - you can try and do it better next time or put it down to luck. Sometimes you might have acted wrong in a few situations or misread someones intentions, other times you might just be unlucky for variety of factors.

Though nowadays if my motivation is purely sexually motivated, I normally fork up enough cash to punt.  :cool:

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