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Author Topic: Mia07, Weston-super-Mare  (Read 463 times)

Anyone seen this German girl?


She appears to tick a lot of my boxes: tall, non-smoker, no tattoos and no piercings.

I did a search for 2299433 and got


Tall, hot, friendly...

Would have done a review but time is short just now

but any other information would be welcome.

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Offline Roth

Not seen.   :unknown:

Might have to venture to WSM though she a bit on the pricey side at £150ph for limited services (no CIM or anal). :unknown:

Offline Smoking joe

She is on my hitlist, just what i would be looking for, but sparing the tine to get to weston and back, and that 150 ph means i havent contacted her yet!

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