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Author Topic: ddisback1 (former diamond-dd) Redditch  (Read 3573 times)

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DD or Diamond is a lovely girl. saw her when she worked in brum about 6/7 years ago, these days just phone or txt her and meet in the car for a blow job.

she is a very sexy women, you look at her and just want to fuck her. filthy mouth if you want her to talk dirty. great skills, good variation to her oral, ball sucking and good hand skills.

location wise well its your car ha ha, she knows good places to go and meet up, she will travel a bit to meet you as well.

she did mention she could arrange somewhere to meet for an hour which i hope to do as i remember her as being fantastic with a great looking small pussy

i can't really say much else as not your usual meet! potentially if your quick when being sucked then you may only see her for 5-10 minutes!! jumps in, has a little chat while rubbing your cock, undo your trousers, blow job and says 'thanks babe see you again yeah'

links https://www.adultwork.com/1367011 and https://www.adultwork.com/ddisback1

1 review(s) found for ddisback1 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline macmate

Tallguy, how are her tits holding up? Did you get a chance to sample? Did you feel safe in the location? Must get round to meeting her...!

Tallguy, how are her tits holding up? Did you get a chance to sample? Did you feel safe in the location? Must get round to meeting her...!

I'm not the best for that question as I'm never bothered by big boobs and prefer them in a bra lol

She does get them out to give you a bj and will rub your cock on them, years ago when she had an apartment to work from she gave me a fucking amazing tit wank

These days they are still really big, very soft and she has had kids so they are a little saggy but considering how big they are, I would say they are still very good

In fact I'm tempted to ask about where we could meet as that tit wank was worth it

I felt safe where we have met in the car, one was a bit risky, literally pulled over at the side of the road but we both quite enjoyed that

Well worth seeing

I should be on commission ha ha

she looks fat, is she?

what is she like face wise?

and is owo or with?

I wouldn't say fat, she is quite short, 5ft 4 ish and around a size 12, some extra padding but I think she looks much better that way, not what I'd call fat but I have seen what some have written on here about girls Iv seen and perspective differs

She is good looking I think in a sexy way, not an elegant Keira knightly or charlise theron way, but in a mild pornstar way! something about her just gives off that she is totally naughty and makes you wanna fuck her

Only way I could think to describe her

Ten phone calls. None answered. Not worth the effort. Shame.

I'm not defending her in any way or trying to a be "white knight", but we are kinda friendly and she rarely picks up her phone due to family, drop her a txt instead and you get a reply when she can

If you did then oh well you tried  :thumbsdown:

Offline mudsucker

Saw DD the other week. Really good!! Car meet in Astwood Bank area (lay by). All organised via text a few days before. Average looker. Nice personality, great tits, awesome BJ with nice deep technique. My advice, take some wipes or tissues. Blew my loads everywhere (and I mean everywhere including on the steering wheel) and had nothing to clean up with after. Cue a sticky drive home. She was pretty cool about it and we were able to at least laugh about the situation. Would I visit again? Yeah probably!

mudsucker...do you have any details on her ?? contact number  price ?

Offline temptation

mudsucker...do you have any details on her ?? contact number  price ?

All on her AW link above !

Offline dav1987

Is she happy to do some french kissing with the BJ car meets? I know most wont need it to get in the mood from the sounds of her but I tend to prefer a bit either way

Offline stevieboy

I hope you have more luck than I have with her, admittedly Im only after a quick car hj so I understand I am not high on her priority list but twice i have been let down by her unfortunately. But at that price Im going to persevere.
Good luck and report back

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