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Author Topic: Anyone seen Redheadslut??  (Read 785 times)

Has anyone seen this lady? What's your thoughts?


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Great pussy saw her a couple of years ago in hatfield, must see her again had a very good time. :D

Had good comes with her so far, very quick response! Looks like it will be a good punt!

I have always wanted to see her but she is too far from me.

I remember reading a review by Hendrix saying she was a great punt


This wasn't meant to be my first post here, but saw 'Redheadslut' in your title and it's a name I'm familiar with, so thought I'd contribute quickly before asking my own Q's.

In my opinion, can't go too wrong with this one. Enjoys list genuine, have booked her a couple of times, and on both occasions she was full of enthusiasm, seemed keen to satisfy and earn her money. And if you're into squirters, bring your goggles!

I nearly booked her once but was put off by the extra £50 for anal.

That makes her £200/hr and for that much I can get someone dirtier and better-looking.

She does seem to have a good reputation though.

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