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Hi - first time review on here, so don't laugh... (although I nearly did)


Went to see Deea / Andrea in Derby last week, after a failed appointment with her last Saturday (maybe she was watching the cricket..!?). Easy to arrange, gave her a call which wasn't answered, but she did text me back 10 minutes later asking me to text her. Her language is limited (to Spanish), and she texted me the address (just off inner ring road).

Accommodation is sparse terraced house, and she asked me to be quiet on arrival, took me up to her / the bedroom with, again, not much furniture...

She said she'd only been in Derby for 1 month, and quickly agreed straight 30 minute sex for £50. She's good looking... dark hair tied up and a little cotton top and panties, which didn't stay on long... cute, very small body if you like that, with small but nice breasts.

I tried to kiss her, but she said the stubble / beard was a problem, although she allowed kissing of her breasts and tummy, but no lower. No tongues... She was happy to clad me in rubber, and proceeded with oral over the condom, not my fave, but it was tentative and not bad... then she lay on her back and I slipped in. She wanted to stay in missionary, even if I tried to persuade her to be more adventurous, but it was just basic sex... nice, but not interesting.

She was keen to offer the wipes around after for herself and me, and the chit chat didn't go very far, as my Spanish is shockingly bad (unless I'm asking where the train station is..) but she was courteous, and quiet.

Not sure if I'll visit again - maybe I caught her on a shy day... but if you're after straight no fuss sex, she might be worth a punt...

Cheaper and better than some - but not the best by a long way!

Adios...  :P
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Shame she's reluctant, she fit as fuck.

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